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10 Reasons Why You Should Bring A Leatherman In Camping

10 Reasons Why You Should Bring A Leatherman In Camping

The Leatherman Tool Group, based in Portland, Oregon, produces multitools and knives under the Leatherman brand. Timothy S. Leatherman and Steve Berliner established the business in July 1983 to promote Leatherman’s vision of a versatile, extremely lightweight hand tool. Leatherman, an Oregon local who earned a mechanical engineering degree from Oregon State University, designed the device that carries his name. Berliner is the creator of the name Leatherman. Berliner’s reasoning is that “he knew Tim would make sure every tool was of high quality if his name was on it.” In the same year, the company also released the PST (Pocket Survival Tool).

Here is everything you need to know in this guide:

  • What is a Leatherman?
  • Why should we bring a Leatherman in camping?
  • What is the use of Leatherman?

What is a Leatherman?

Leatherman tools are usually linked with tough sports, but they’ve developed a tool expressly for solitary camping and mountaineering expeditions. Spending days in the woods without hearing a car or other human noise may sound like heaven, but there are some risks involved. The Leatherman Pocket Survival Tools were shipped in 1983. In a pinch, their multi-tool can be a lifesaver, so it’s no surprise that users who have been rescued by their tools become brand evangelists.
Tim Leatherman spent eight years developing and manufacturing his invention. It was the first plier-equipped multitool, and it sold 10 million units. Leatherman today sells over 25 various items, such as knives, decorations, and a 20-tool wearable watch.

Why should we bring a Leatherman in camping?

1. It is a must to carry a multi-tool like a Leathermam that we can use when we go camping to use as a can opener or for any other purposes.
2. Although a Leatherman is only a pocket size knife, if ever we encounter unexpected things or danger while on camping it can be a great help.
3. A multi-tool like Leatherman is easy to use and it can be accessed by anyone (except for kids, of course).
4. Multi-tools like Leatherman are enough for us to bring while going camping, it helps us lessen the things we’ll bring.
5. Leatherman multi-tools has the ability to offer solutions especially when going on a camping trip or any outdoor activities.
6. A multi-tool like Leatherman has a lot of functions and purposes that make things way more easy.
7. Leatherman multi-tools can also help save lives when you’re in danger. If you go on camping or any outdoor activities you must at least have something that can save you and Leatherman is an example for that.
8. When going out for a camping course you’re expected to cook some food, especially meats. Multi-tools like Leatherman can help you cut meat. Just cut it right and viola, your meat is ready to cook.
9. While on camping you are expected to make a fire with the use of woods. Leatherman multi-tools can help you cut, or even carve wood (for small types of woods only).
10. A Leatherman isn’t only for those people who are into outdoor activities, this tool is for everyone and rest assured it will really help you solve simple problems.

What is the use of Leatherman?

It can be used to open cans, for carving or cutting of woods, cutting/slicing meat, it can save lives (if you’re in danger, or if the situation you’ve got into is at risk, things like that).
What makes it useful is that it has a variety of purposes that can solve simple problems especially for outdoor activities like camping. Leatherman can be used for a variety of first-aid tasks, including cutting cloth strips for bandages and cleaning wounds. One of the most obvious is removing splinters or porcupine quills from humans, dogs, or anything else.

If you have a multi-tool, you can quickly cut rope or twine for your rainy day shelter. Your multi-tool can let you do basic automobile maintenance without the need for a bulky tool kit, as well as fixing a range of common roadside issues. Leatherman can help you survive and enjoy the frozen elements for an extended period of time. It can also assist you in transforming a branch into the ideal fishing pole and gutting your catch. A good Leatherman multi-tool can help with almost any situation, from a flat tire to slicing up an apple for a snack. In addition to a good multitool, keep some spare parts on hand, such as a tire tube and an air pump, to ensure you’re prepared for anything.


Although Leatherman multi-tools are quite expensive, they really help us, especially when we go camping or do other outdoor activities. It has a variety of purposes that can solve simple problems. It can also be used to save our life if something bad happens or we encounter something bad while on a camping or trip.

To make your Leatherman multi-tools stay longer, you must clean it and follow the right thing to do to keep your Leatherman usable.

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