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Alpha 9 For Scuba Diving

Alpha 9 provides easy breathing in a compact design. It is extremely tough but simple to maintain and store. It is approved for use with nitrox breathing gas mixtures that contain 40 percent oxygen by volume, with no component parts required, no special preparation at all and no cleaning. No wonder why it is important for every divers to have.

Alpha 9 for scuba diving is designed to meet U.S. standards. At 198 feet, the Navy’s Class A standards are met, thus, maintaining it for scuba diving is inexpensive. It has a patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece that is designed to accommodate the human jaw’s natural overbite.

2 types of Alpha 9 for scuba diving

1. Oceanic Alpha 9 CDX-5 Regulator features easy breathing in a compact design on which water does not enter the first stage. The CDX5 is ideal for ice diving (it will not freeze) or diving in contaminated or sediment-filled waters. Two high pressure and four low pressure ports ensure that all of your necessities and accessories are accommodated.

2. Oceanic Alpha 9 SP-6 Regulator, Slate Blue – The SP-6 is a flow-by-piston regulator that is not balanced. Even if the first stage fails, this simple yet fail-safe design will deliver air. The patented orthodontic mouthpiece on the Alpha 9 Regulator Second Stage provides exceptional comfort and reduces jaw fatigue. Its mouthpiece accommodates the human jaw’s natural overbite. The 30 (76.2 cm) Max-Flex hose’s extreme flexibility reduces jaw fatigue, making this a very comfortable breathing regulator.

Scuba Diving Alpha 9 Price

The Alpha 9 for scuba diving has different price options. Some are cheap, while others are expensive, but what matters here is it’s quality.


Always make sure to clean it and keep it in a storage with good ventilation, away from any harmful things that can damage your Alpha 9. Make sure to always maintain its good condition to become usable in a long period of time. Lastly, keep it in a place where safety is secured.

For buying Alpha 9, you can buy it at MaxFlex Hose or any other physical stores and even through online stores. Just don’t forget to always check the legitimacy of the store if it’s through online. Check the reviews and most especially the equipment to make sure that it has good quality and worth the price.


Alpha 9 features a lot of variety. Every divers should at least have their own where they can breathe easily in a compact design that is extremely tough but simple to maintain and service. It doesn’t only have high quality materials but they also made it for divers to easily buy it with a friendly and reasonable price.

To enjoy more scuba diving, having Alpha 9 will help you enjoy more, watch marine animals and other beautiful creations that will amaze you. An important reminder is to always remember the precautions, things to avoid and good maintenance that will keep your device last longer.


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