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  9. 4 Modern Uses Of Spearfishing Gun For Shore And Deep Water Fishing

4 Modern Uses Of Spearfishing Gun For Shore And Deep Water Fishing

4 Modern Uses Of Spearfishing Gun For Shore And Deep Water Fishing

Spearfishing has been around for quite awhile now. It was in the early 1920’s when spear fishing became a famous sport in Europe particularly in the Mediterranean region. It is a sport of catching huge fish using a pointed metal stick and a gun-like object that shoots underwater using a rubber as the source of its pressure or strength. In the beginning of the 20th century, spearfishing was absolutely prohibited in shallow waters. But with the invention of snorkel, diving mask and other diving equipment, spearfishing in deep waters became a common practice. Although today, it is still prohibited in many areas. In some areas it is still allowed depending on the season and a specific size of fish should only be subject to catching using this method.

The spearfishing gun has been invented in two different types. One is propelled using rubber and the other is using air pressure. The former is a traditional invention with the combinations of hard wood and rubber, while the latter is a modernized version where it is used with an air propeller that triggers the pointed metal stick ammunition. In these modern days, there are plenty of uses for the speargun in fishing, especially in Deep waters.

Spearfishing gun is the main tool for fishing in deep waters targeting huge fish and one of the most effective ways of fishing. The following are the modern day use of spearfishing guns.

1. An Environmental-Friendly Method

Spearfishing has been considered by some countries like Australia and even Africa as an eco-friendly method of catching a fish. The use of spearfishing guns allows fishermen to be more scrupulous with their catch. This means that they can select what kind of fish to catch and the specific sizes in order to avoid catching the prohibited species and the small fishes. Unlike from the traditional bait fishing where the fishermen do not have any means of choosing what fish to catch. The same with the use of nets.

Spearfishing gun is a great tool that allows modern fishermen to conserve the environment and help protect the ocean even when fishing. Also as one way of respecting mother nature for giving us the source for survival and income. Many countries banned the use of spearfishing guns because of the implications of the threatened species of some aquatic animals like Nassau and Goliath grouper. Nonetheless, it is allowed in some places.

2. Spearfishing In The Shore

Fishing near the shores might be a good thing for divers. There is definitely an abundance of fish, naturally those kinds of fish that live in the reefs or corals. Spearfishing is very effective in this area because the reefs allows the diver to not exert much strength of their spear gun. They can use only the traditional type which is the rubber version or also known as Hawaiian sling. Spearfishing gun works perfectly in this area.

3. The Boat And Spearfishing Gun Combination

There is nothing more helpful than a vehicle that get you to many locations, including boats of any type. Boats are very important in fishing especially in deep waters or certain locations where spearfishing guns are only allowed. Using a boat to get to deep water locations is a great advantage. The combination of fishing methods using the spearfishing gun can certainly be fun and exciting. Not only is the availability of catching huge fishes an obvious certainty, it can also be a way of showcasing your strength, precision and passion in fishing in deep waters using a spear gun.

4. Deep Blue Water Fishing

Spearfishing gun has been proven to be one of the most effective tools in catching huge blue water species of fish, particularly the so called “pelagic species”. These species are the family of Tuna, Sharks, Whales, and Mackerels. However, the Sharks and Whales are prohibited from fishing. The remaining family of Tunas and Mackerel are the main subjects of this method. They are the main target of divers in blue water locations. And the advantage of spearfishing guns that allows divers to select a specific target is highly effective in this location.


The eagerness and the drive of humans for better tools that will help them in their leisure, passion and work will always be subject to modernization and improvements. Spearfishing gun is only one of the results of this rapid development of more accurate, precise and effective ways of fishing in modern times. The innovation of this equipment further explains the inevitable changes of the world and the methods of fishing will never be the same in the years to come. Spearfishing gun is the outcome of environmental adaptation and the result of years of experience and innovations in traditional fishing.


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