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  9. 5 Best Monstera Plants To Take Care on 2022

5 Best Monstera Plants To Take Care on 2022

5 Best Monstera Plants To Take Care on 2022

Monstera is a sign of longevity and respect for tradition and respected individuals. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as many species. In this list, you can find the 8 best Monstera Plant for your indoor room. Broad, tropical leaves make you instantly feel relaxed. If you want to create a tropical paradise, and you are too tired to take care of it, then this is the plant to have!

1. Monstera Obliqua

Is a genus of Monstera that is notable for having “greater holes than leaves.” This type of Monstera is quite fascinating but unfortunately, it is very slow and difficult to propagate.
It is an epiphytic plant, meaning it can nourish itself by growing on some other plant. Obliqua obtains moisture and nutrients from the air.

2. Monstera Borsigiana

Is a subspecies of the well-known Monstera deliciosa plant. In comparison to the deliciosa, the borsigiana is narrower and grows more quickly. Thus, it is indeed one of the low-maintenance peeps and so it needs warmth with medium to bright indirect light. If you wish to grow and take care of a Borsigiana, please do note that it produces toxicity that can cause harm to both humans and pets.

3. Monstera Pinnatipartita

Monstera Pinnatipartita, an uncommon climber aroid from South America, is a genus of flowering plants. Pinnatipartita changes dramatically as it matures. Leaves are lobed when small, then become divided as it matures. It has divided leaves when it matures and produces white waxy flowers. If you trim the stalk or the base of the leaf, Pinnatipartita will multiply.

4. Monstera Siltepecana

Siltepecana is the most underrated type among Monstera genus, As it matures, it becomes a vining plant and develops holes in its leaves. Silver venation distinguishes it, particularly in juvenile leaves.It has a distinctive perennial Aroid vine on its foliage, and like other Monsteras, it is little care. This distinctive vine thrives for both interior and exterior tropical gardens.

5. Monstera Dubia

Dubia is notable for its remarkable leaf transition as it grows through seed just on woods to provided by respondents closely up a host tree trunk or even other structures until plants grown with large windows similar to Monstera deliciosa appearance. This type of Monstera is quite expensive because of its Variegated leaves that exhibit lines and patches. Dubia is one of the slow-growing monstera genus.


There are many types of Monsteras, picking the right one for you is kind of exciting and hard. It can purify the air and is useful in humidifying air conditions. Its fruit is high in vitamin C, proteins, some vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, and has no fat, and if not perfectly ripe, it is deadly. It can be a cure for different diseases and health problems such as arthritis and insect or snake bites.
Overall, Monstera plants are beginner-friendly and easy to grow.

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