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5 Best Polka Dot Plants To Take Care

5 Best Polka Dot Plants To Take Care

What Is a Polka Dot Plant?

Polka Dot plant is also named as Freckle Face Plant with the scientific name of “hypoestes Phyllostachys”. It is native to Madagascar and indigenous to Nigeria. This plant can grow an average height of 10-50cm and spread up to 40-50cm. Also, it necessitates well-draining soil and both direct and indirect light. Polka Dot plants come in a variety of shades, with patterns that are white, pink, green, or yellow in color. And these are the best types of plants you can have.

5 Different Types of Polka Dot Plants

Temperature & Humidity

They can’t tolerate cold and dry conditions as well. To develop properly and generate brilliant colors, it should be kept between 70°-80°F and not below 60°F. It’s also good to do regular misting to keep the humidity level high about 40-50% to keep your Polka Dot Plant happy.


Bright light, but not direct sunshine, is required for Polka Dot Plants. As a result, the plant should be placed a few meters away from the southern window. It’s not recommended also to put it in a low light location for an extended time as this will result in tall and lanky plants.


Polka Dot plants are grown in high-quality sustainably grown potting soil. Ideally, you can add perlite or pumice to aerate the soil and to provide proper drainage.


Polka Dot plants require consistent moistness but never soggy. You can water the plant if the half inch of the soil is dry. Never let the soil dry out completely as it will result in drooping leaves and stems. Less frequent watering during winter. You can use rainwater or distilled water at room temperature.


Polka Dot Plants are fairly heavy feeders so it is recommended to fertilize it once a month with high quality organic fertilizer during the growing season. Don’t over-fertilize it that will result in burning of the roots and leaves.

I hope this article on Polka Dot plants will be useful and will help you with your plant. They truly are a great choice and a gorgeous addition to your living space, bringing a breath of fresh air and lively colors. And what is most important is that they don’t require constant and complicated care, as some other plants do.

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