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5 Easy Air Plant Care Ideas

What is an Air Plant?

Air plants are warm American plant that grows as such an annual plant on branches and has wide, broad blades that collect moisture and minerals from the air. Because air plants don’t require soil, you may relocate and arrange them as you see fit. They’re also as low-maintenance as a plant and simple to maintain for. The first principle of air plants is that they too can exist only on air. They need lots of water. But the second rule? Give them too much water and they’ll die. Confusing, we know. But here’s the secret to watering air plants: Don’t mist them. Dunk them in water.

5 Ways to Take Care of Air Plants

Here are the simple principles that have helped countless individuals cultivate natural and happy air plants. So just simply follow these steps and you will have an outstanding result!

1. Air Plant Light

Air plants require warm, shaded light to flourish, but intervals of direct sunshine are okay; nevertheless, more than just a few hours of scorching heat can dehydrate the plants. Artificial lighting could also help air plants develop. The “days duration” must be around 12 hours if utilizing artificial light.

2. Air Plant Temperature & Humidity

Because air plants are equatorial plants, they demand daytime temperatures of Fifty to ninety °. If you do bring them inside, be sure that they are still getting enough light and water to thrive. In other words, they’ll be pretty happy inside the average home, temperature-wise. They require a temperature ranging of 50-70 percent, which isn’t too far off from the usual home relative humidity of 40-60 percent, it may not be enough for them to survive without excess water.

3. Air Plant Watering

Your plants should be watered once per week, and 2-3 times is recommended for optimal care. Every 2-3 weeks, a two-hour soaking is advised. If you live in a drying, hotter environment, you’ll need to water or spray your plants more frequently. How would one know whether or not your air plants require water? The browning or crisping of your plant’s upper leaves is a sign that it’s been under-watered. Sadly, it’s generally too late to salvage your plant if it has been overwatered..

4. Air Plant Fertilizer

It’s a smart option to use fertilization. Air plants require little fertilizers because they absorb the moisture and nutrients they require from whatever comes from the sky and the foliage of the woods in their local habitat. Low-nitrogen fertilizers are ideal for air plants since they increase blossom and counterbalance development It’s also very important to use non-urea-based nitrogen fertilizer, as this will provide nitrogen.

5. Air Plant “Bath Day”

Soak your air plants for about 10 minutes upside-down. Then shake them upside down thoroughly and place them on a towel to dry. If water collects in the foundation of your air plants, they will soon decay. If the plant appears to be ‘hungry’ or failing, immerse it in water (in a dish or sink) over several hours before bedtime. This is typically effective in reviving your air plants.


Air plants are beautiful and elegant that fit inside your home. They can also produce aromatic fragrances and can help reduce anxiety and stress. Additionally, They’re one of the lowest maintenance plant types and unique as well. Are our air plants good for health? Yes, they can! Air Plants have multiple benefits for you. These plants will help you to be more productive and they also do a great job of filtering and purifying the air you breathe, capturing harmful chemicals and toxins.

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