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5 Essential First Aid Kit Tools For Scuba Divers (In Case Of An Emergency)

Diving is one of the most enjoyable activities in the world. It helps you gain more understanding of what’s normally beneath the surface and the beauty of its existence that is not available to everyone. The world underwater is absolutely mesmerizing and captivating, because of its ecosystem that speaks about natural beauty that has no equal amount. Although it is fundamentally fun and exciting there are also several risks involved in the activity. There are first aid kit tools recommended for divers, and you will all learn it here.

Why First Aid Kits Are Important

Many people are diving underwater for several reasons either for scientific discoveries or just a recreational purpose. Because of the counting numbers of individuals wanting to experience nature underwater, here comes the introduction of the famous Scuba Diving. And for you to be ready when you are diving underwater, it is important to prepare the most essential tools for emergency cases.

The danger of scuba diving should not be disregarded and preparation of emergency tools must be ready at all times. It is to avoid serious complications in times of unwanted incidents. There is no replay button in any accidental events. The best way to counter this reality is to be more cautious with your actions and to check your equipment at all times. Preparation of a first aid kit can definitely save you in times of trouble. These are the list of the most essential tools that you can put in your first aid kit box to get you ready in times of an emergency.

1. Extra Oxygen Tank

Scuba diving can be dangerous sometimes and there are several risk factors to consider. It is always a great idea to bring an extra oxygen tank, for it is best to anticipate the worst-case scenarios. Oxygen is what enables us to breathe underwater and it is the main instrument for us to continue diving beneath the surface for a long period of time. Without it, everything is impossible. An emergency oxygen tank is the most important first aid kit tool in Scuba diving.

2. Breathing Barrier

One of the most common cases of diving accidents always includes drowning. When we are diving underwater, it is important to note that our actions and capabilities are very limited. Unlike when we are on the surface or in the land.

Humans are not like a fish that can inhale in the water. It must be considered that we must have a little background in understanding the basic information about what will happen to our body when we are drowning. And what are the basic actions to attain a person who drowned especially in sea water. Because salt water has a higher density compared in lakes or rivers, making our body more susceptible to dehydration.

A breathing barrier first aid kit tool can certainly help you in this kind of scenario. The breathing barrier can allow you to perform a CPR or a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. It easily allows the oxygen to flow through the body of the patient and pushes the water out that’s blocking the passage of oxygen through the lungs.

3. Bandages

There are also several cases when diving when you might scratch yourself from the presence of natural formations like sharp stones. Especially when you are cave diving and you might accidentally lacerate your skin from your surroundings causing cut and blood flow.

A bandage can provide protection from unwanted wounds. Your first aid kit tool must always involve a bandage with different sizes. It is advisable to use the one with adhesives to provide a protective measure enough to secure the wound from any types of infections.

4. Scissors

In case of accidents, a scissor also plays a major role. It is important to include a scissor in your kit bag/box to use for cutting materials and bandages or for cleaning the wound to avoid infections. It would be great to use the one that is sharp enough to cut ropes and hard materials.

5. Antibiotics

Medicine too is very essential in times of emergency especially if it involves wounds or serious injuries. Antibiotics can treat this kind of unwanted accident to help prevent further contamination of deadly bacteria. Infections can cause serious complications if not treated immediately. A number of antibiotics in your first aid kit can definitely save you.


Diving underwater is totally gratifying. But the possibility of accidents must also be considered by all divers before diving to prevent serious injuries or fatalities. We cannot control the flow of the water when we are below the surface and many things might happen, but that does not mean that we must fear the environment. Safety is far more valuable than your enjoyment. Emergency tools are always the most important things to bring when scuba diving. And preparation for an emergency is a necessity.


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