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5 Types of Air Plant to Take at Home

An “air plant” is among the nearly 500 organisms of flower initiation plant that grows plants in the Tillandsia subfamily, which belongs to the Bromeliad family. Their roots do not require soil. They take moisture from the air instead. Plants that develop on some other species, such as Spanish moss, are known as epiphytes.

Air plants grow on trees, fastened to the bark, in their native habitat—warm, arid places where they thrive in bright, filtered light. Despite the reality that they can be perennial in a suitable warm environment, they are commonly maintained as indoor houseplants, wherein they flourish under artificial light.Browse through 5 popular types of air plants below to get a better understanding of what they look like and their distinguishing characteristics.

1. Tillandsia xerographica

This big, slow-growing plant grows naturally in Guatemala, Mexico, and El Salvador, and is a crowd favorite. This great and massive plant is distinguished mostly from air plants by its complete and spectacular spherical shape and can endure greater sunlight and less moisture than most.

2. Stricta

Tillandsia stricta is a cultivar that grows naturally in a wide range of climates and conditions, making it a very easy plant to care for and ideal for beginners. These plants are distinguished by their bright green leaves and gorgeous pink blossoms.

3. Maxima Skyplant

The ‘Maxima’ sky plant, also identified as ‘Huamelula,’ is a wise option if you’ve been seeking a distinctive air plant. It can withstand more sunlight than most air plants and produces numerous blossoms at the same time. Before the plant blooms with stunning purple flowers, the leaves become coral red. This air plant grows to a height of 5–6 inch and a width of 3–4 inch, which is quite enormous for an air plant.

4. ‘Fuego’ Sky plant

‘Fuego’ is a cultivar developed to maintain blushing long after flowering, making it a show-stopper. The foliage’s vivid color lasts a long time. They’re tiny plants that only sprout to about an inch in height, but they flourish quickly. This air plant kind could be a discussion starter on your tables or a focus point in your collection.

5. Tillandsia funckiana

Tillandsia funckiana is a one-of-a-kind air plant with quill-like foliage that all spike in almost the same way. They typically curl into a particular pattern, which they modify to their surroundings. The foliage will appear yellow and a brilliant orange flower will emerge once they are about to blossom.


Trying to figure out where to begin your air plant collection? Air plants, on the other hand, are resilient and forgiving, but many are pretty simple to clean for, therefore whatever air plant you purchase would most likely be easier to maintain and flourish than many other plants you’ve tried. Now that you already have ideas and top picks of what type of air plants that are perfect for your indoor environment, it is also important to consider how to take care of them! See you in the next article and happy gardening!

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