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6 Basic Fishing Tools You Will Need

6 Basic Fishing Tools You Will Need

Fishing is one of the major sources of the food industry throughout the world. There are different forms of fishing and practices that can be done either for a commercial purpose or recreational activities. There a number of fishing techniques invented for specific reasons and certain situations either for environmental adaptation, types of fish to catch and fishing methods. These essential fishing tools are made with its own sophistications and are being used according to its method and modifications. Some of the traditional methods of fishing using primitive equipment were improved throughout the years to become more reliable and effective.

If you want to learn more about fishing, you must understand the various methods of catching a fish and the types of aquatic animals that are subsequently related to this activity. Nonetheless, if you are only looking to find this activity a source of fun and enjoyment, then this article perfectly suits your thirst. Learn more about the basic equipment and properties that you will be needing for a better and excellent fishing experience.

Basic Fishing Tools That You Need

1. Bait

Most of the fishing methods are done with a certain bait. Bait is what attracts a fish and lures them making you catch them through a certain fishing equipment such as hook, net or other form of sophisticated traps. There are a variety of fishing baits that you can use for fishing.

These are the following baits below that can help you get a better experience:

  • Snails
  • Worms
  • Shrimps
  • Insects
  • Small fish
  • A slice of meat
  • Leeches

2. Hook

The next most essential fishing tool that you need for effective fishing is the hook or also known as the angler. Hook has been around throughout the history of fishing for a very long time and is still one of the most effective tools. Furthermore, it is the most common tool to lure and catch a fish using the baiting method. The baiting method is mostly done for recreational fishing. However in commercial fishing, a large size hook is required to catch larger fish such as blue-fin and yellow-fin tuna. If you’re not comfortable using other fishing methods, then having a hook can definitely help you. Just look for a line, a bait and a right spot then you’re good to go.

The different types of hooks are listed below:

  • Bait Hook
  • J-Shape Hook
  • Long-shank Aberdeen Hook
  • Round Jig-head Hook
  • Worm Hook
  • Treble Hook

3. Net

The next fishing tool that you need for constructive fishing is a net. Nets are very useful in fishing because they can be used in a number of ways. For my personal preference, I used a net to place all of my catch and submerged it in the water to keep it fresh and alive. Additionally, for other types of catch such as crabs and lobsters a net is definitely a great container. For other usage, the net itself can be used to catch a fish. For commercial fishing it is the most essential tool. But for recreational it differs on the kind of method to be used.

The most common method of net fishing is called the net casting. It is when a user throws the modified net with heavy objects attached below to immerse the nets down trapping the fish. If you’re going fishing, you must never forget to bring a net with you for a greater fishing experience.

Different types of nets you can also use for fishing:

  • Drift Nets
  • Trammel Nets
  • Surrounding Nets
  • Seine Nets

4. Spear

This next essential tool requires quite a challenging way of fishing when used. The method of fishing which involves a spear is considered an extreme type of activity that usually requires great experience and mastery. Spear is the main tool of the fishing method called spearfishing. If your type of fishing is this extreme method, you’ll definitely need to equip your fishing arsenal with this tool.

5. Rod And Fishing Line

Every fisherman who uses reel fishing line and rod knows how important these tools are. These fishing tool are effective in saltwater and freshwater spots using the bait casting method attached with the hook and the bait to lure the fish. Reel rod became popular in the modern day of fishing through the use of the traditional idea. The complex accomplishments of technological advancement made this fishing tool one of the best and the most famous among all the people engaged in fishing, usually for recreational purposes. The fishing line, on the other hand, serves as the cable attached to the reel rod where the hook is placed on the tip portion. Better have this equipment for convenient fishing.

6. Traps

If you are more into less-activity and just waiting for your catch, you can use this fishing tool which is normally made of the fishing nets with the combination of woods or metals. In some places, traps are made with a plastic material which is then shaped into a box-like object. It is then made with a trigger inside that traps the fish or other aquatic animals. Normally, traps are furnished with baits inside to attract fish. Some commercial fishing companies are using traps specifically for king crabs. However, if you are not into conventional fishing methods, then this idea and fishing tool is definitely suitable for you.


Fishing is not that complicated, but still requires proper knowledge and a number of experiences to be able to perform well. Although it might be simple as we think because of the modern-day technologies blended together with the traditional way of fishing, it is still not an easy thing to do. It is very important that you must consider the properties of all the fishing tools so you will know exactly how to use them properly and enjoy a wonderful and fun fishing experience.


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