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6 Reasons You Need A Tracker When Scuba Diving

6 Reasons You Need A Tracker When Scuba Diving

There are so many uncertainties when you are diving under the water. It is highly important to learn the basics of essential equipment for scuba diving. To keep you safe all the time and to lessen the risk factors when diving. If you are just starting your journey in underwater diving, it is also a cardinal method to understand first the principal elements of making your diving activity a lot safer and enjoyable. The major risk factor when scuba diving is getting lost underwater. But the existence of highly improved technological equipment in diving and swimming enables us to counter the risk. Such helpful inventions absolutely change the diving efficiency in modern times. One of these major equipment that has a great impact on our safety and efficiency in diving is the use of tracker devices.

Listen, your safety and precautions are the topmost importance of your diving experience. You must not ignore the high risk of scuba diving. Especially in deep water and even in the shallow areas since accidents and emergencies can happen anytime. These tracker devices can provide numerous benefits in scuba diving either for leisure, discovery or profession. The list below are the reasons why it is important for you to have a tracker in your scuba gear all the time.

1. Navigation

In diving underwater, especially for professional divers for rescue activities, it is important to have a source of navigation to keep the diver updated about their current location and their target area. This serves as their guide to avoid unwanted underwater areas that can cause harm to the divers. If you are new to scuba diving, I strongly suggest you use a tracker to keep yourself updated about your current location and your diving situation about how long you can stay and how far you can go.

2. The Operator Can Have A View Of The Diver’s Movement Underwater

In some cases, there are operations undertaken in diving deep underwater that target certain locations like shipwrecks or fish locations. This is either for investigative or discovery purposes. And it is important for the operator from the boat to have a view above of the diver’s movements and locations to keep track of their position.

3. Marking Underwater Sites

When you are diving underwater and you find yourself loving the site, and makes you wonder of going back in some time, then a tracker can definitely help you. You can leave a track on the location and mark it using a GPS for your future reference. There is no better experience in scuba diving, than diving in the same place that you love more than once.

4. Major Use For Emergency Situation

Scuba diving can be dangerous sometimes and unexpected things might happen while you are underwater. The tracker can absolutely help you in this kind of situation. Your location will be exposed by other divers and diving companions. You can easily be tracked and rescued and avoid worse things to happen if something is off while you are diving or unexpected underwater trouble.

5. Can Be Used For Fitness Tracking

One of the best features of having a tracker, when scuba diving, is it can also be used in many occasions such as measuring your heartbeat and oxygen level. This is a great advantage so you can also monitor your health and physical activity while diving underwater. Isn’t it an advantage to have something that measures your oxygen and heartbeat for future references so you can definitely improve your diving skills more?

6. Can Be Used In Unexpected Occasions

Having a tracker means having the advantage of monitoring things. On some occasions, there are trackers that you can definitely put in your scuba gears for safety and prevent losing your precious gears and equipment. There are cases of stolen scuba gears, and putting a tracker in them can absolutely save you from losing them from unexpected thieves. Please be more aware and wary in your surroundings to avoid losing your expensive gears especially in a very fun experience. That wouldn’t be a good overall experience, right?


Enjoyable activities require major equipment for better experience and a preventive measure for possible risk and danger. A tracker can definitely secure you and your companions’ safety in scuba diving when it comes to leisure. But in professional diving for discovery and investigative purposes, there are times that it is done in really deep waters, thus making the tracker a very essential tool for the safety of the divers. Scuba diving is naturally a very exciting activity. And it is definitely full of risk too, and so safety and precautions must be practiced at all times.


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