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7 Best Things to do in Olympic National Park

7 Best Things to do in Olympic National Park

All About Olympic National Park

The Olympic National Park is located on the Olympic Peninsula, which is approximately 2 hours from downtown Seattle. Although this Olympic National Park is the primary attraction for visitors, the cities that make up the Olympic Peninsula are also stunning and well breathtaking to visit. In Port Townsend, you’ll discover gorgeous structure and a hip, Northwestern vibe, in Sequim, you’ll see one of the nations top lavender-producing districts, and in Port Angeles, you’ll encounter a bustling port city and entryway to the Olympic National Park and the coastline shores.

7 Best Things to do in Olympic National Park:

If you want to see and do everything on this list, you will need a bare minimum of three days and it is best to plan your visit as a road trip. Here are the things you will do when you visit Olympic National Park and you’ll never regret this experience.

1. Hoh Rain Forest

The Hoh Rain Forest is a luscious, emerald paradise covered with ferns and flowers that envelope each tree and ground. Hoh Rain Forest is unique in that it resembles a region before time, generating around 140 and 170 inches of precipitation per year. Some of the trees that live here are over 1000 years old. Its distinctive habitat has stayed intact for countless generations, and it is today the northern hemisphere’s most carefully protected tropical rainforest. The Hoh Rain Forest is the place to go if you want to see gigantic moss-covered trees and more varieties of green than you ever imagined.

2. Hurricane Ridge

Inside Olympic National Park, Hurricane Ridge is by far the most accessible mountainous region. In clear weather, fantastic views can be enjoyed throughout the year. On Hurricane Ridge Road, off Mount Angeles Road, 17 miles south of Port Angeles, you’ll reach Hurricane Ridge. The road is open throughout summer. From the parking lot, there are a number of great hikes to take and viewpoints from which to admire the distant mountains, including the famous glacier, Mt. Olympus. In clear weather, fantastic views can be enjoyed throughout the year.

3. Kalaloch and Ruby Beach

Among the most popular sections of Olympic National Park is Kalaloch. Kalaloch and Ruby Beach are found on the Olympic Peninsula’s southwestern tip. It is worth visiting where you can experience fresh air and visitors also commonly see harbor seals and harbor porpoises and reviewers call the scenery “beyond beautiful” and “picture perfect.” When hiking the coast, always check the certain areas that may become impassable during high tides and overland trails must be used.

4. Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is recognized for its vivid blue waters and excellent transparency, which are the result of the absence of nitrogen in the water, which prevents algae formation. And yes, you can swim. Visiting Lake Crescent and exploring the surrounding area is one of the most popular things to do in the Olympic National Park, and for good reason! Visitors use words like “beautiful” and “amazing” to describe this area of the park and you’ll never regret going there.

5. Coastal Beaches

Visit Rialto Beach in Washington State, which is found on the Pacific Ocean. It is made up of an ocean beach and coastal woodland and is located near the opening of the Quillayute River in the Olympic National Park. Rialto Beach is famed for its rugged coastlines, gigantic driftwood, smashing waves, and vistas of offshore islands recognized as “sea stacks.”

6. Visit Sol Duc Valley

The Sol Duc Valley is one of the most multi-faceted destinations within Olympic National Park. The 0.8-mile one-way walk to Sol Duc Falls is by far the most favorite of the many day hikes available at the Sol Duc. It is located in the northwest region of the park, and offers several trails to explore. Previous tourists rated the falls as “amazing” and the trip through the forest as “simple.” Several visitors highly recommend it.

7. Staircase

You’ll discover a range of hiking paths along the Skokomish River and adjacent woodlands in Staircase, which is located in the southeastern corner of Olympic National Park. In the huge cathedral of Douglas-firs, gigantic trunks reach for the sky, delicate limbs extend to the sun, and grooved bark provides a safe haven for little organisms. Recent visitors said the short trails were great for beginners and families with young kids. If you’re planning to visit this summer, several reviewers also recommended bringing your swimsuit to take advantage of several swimming spots along the trails.

Why choose Olympic National Park?

Olympic National Park is a once-in-a-lifetime natural wonderland. Spend most of your time strolling through moss-covered forests, hiking to any amount of beautiful scenery nearby mountain vistas, seeing meadows bursting with wildflowers, admiring native wildlife from afar, visiting resplendent coastal beaches, and otherwise taking advantage of the Olympic National Park’s unparalleled access to nature. It’s not just a destination relegated to summer, either. And you’ll not only enjoy all of the incredible things to do in Olympic National Park, but you’ll have comfortable accommodations in which to unwind at the end of the day.


The Olympic National Park is full of surprises that attracts millions of tourists and they want to experience the richness of nature. It is a historic park and provides numerous benefits to the United States. The park is mainly visited for many purposes and these places will give you the comfort that you are always looking for. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now!

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