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8 Beautiful Attractions in Big Sur

8 Beautiful Attractions in Big Sur

Big Sur is a rocky tract of terrain between Carmel and San Simeon on California’s central coast. It is bordered on the east by the Santa Lucia Mountains and on the west coast of The Island, and it is crossed by the narrow, two-lane State Route 1, which itself is famed for its winding curves, seashore cliffs, and vistas of the frequently foggy coastline. In the sparsely inhabited area, there are various government campgrounds for hiking, camping, and beachcombing. It is frequently lauded for its breathtaking scenery. ”

1. Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach, widely renowned for its purple soil, is a gorgeous, pristine site that is well-known amongst residents but slightly unknown among visitors to Big Sur. The beach is definitely worth a look since it offers magnificent scenery of sea cliffs and rock formations from the water’s edge and is frequently suitable for surfing. From the parking structure, a small trail that leads to a stunning ocean vista that is unmatched anywhere else on the coastline. The massive sea stacks at Pfeiffer Beach elicit immediate awe and wonder, with rough waves adding a hypnotic and steady force and a backdrop of steep Santa Lucia Mountains.

2. Bixby Bridge

Owing to its excellent layout, “elegant construction, and spectacular environment,” the Bixby Creek Bridge, also recognized as the Bixby Canyon Bridge, is among the most filmed bridges in the state.It is an open spandrel arch bridge made of reinforced concrete.

3. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Established after a prominent Big Sur leader, has elevated scenery to wander alongside the coastline. Hiking paths such as the Ewoldsen Trail wind through a vibrant canyon teeming with coastal redwoods and Pacific madrone, and the stunning McWay Falls can be seen plunging over 80 feet into the ocean with a half-mile walk from the parking lot. Natural occurrences such as mudslides and wildfires can have an impact on trail conditions within the park.

4. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Is in Monterey County, California, close to a large Sur on the nation’s Central Coast. It covers a land area of about 1,006 acres. The park is bisected by the Big Sur River. It has been dubbed a “mini Yosemite,” and redwood trees have been known to live for up to 2,200 years.

5. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

The Point Lobos State Natural Reserve and Point Lobos State Park are the “crown jewels” of California’s 280 state parks. Francis McComas, an Australian-born environmental artist, called the location as the “largest confluence of land and ocean in the world. Two coastal marine regions preserve the coastal ecosystems. Mostly on Monterey Peninsula and all along the Coast of California, it is recognized as being one of the top scuba diving places.

6. Ragged Point

Is a rugged protrusion on the Central Coast of California. It’s on the southern end of Big Sur. The Ragged Point Inn and Resort is situated near, which, like much of Big Sur, has seashore mountains, coastlines, and nature trails.

7. Limekiln State Park

Limekiln State Park is home to redwood trees and the spectacular Santa Lucia Range that runs into the coast, emphasizing much about what distinguishes Big Sur so unique. It spans over 700 hectares and is located inside the Los Padres National Forest’s Ventana Wilderness. It has hiking trails, picnic areas, and campsites, as well as three historic lime kilns for which the park is named. Limekiln State Park also has trekking routes that leads to falls, forest woods, and spectacular views of the coastline.

8. Henry Miller Memorial Library

Henry Miller Memorial Library is a charitable art museum, bookshop, and performing venue in Big Sur, California, intended to commemorate the career of the deceased novelist artist. Following Miller’s death in 1980, White dedicated the property as a memorial to Miller as well as a gallery for local artists to exhibit their work. White formally established “The Henry Miller Memorial Library” in 1981, with the assistance of the Big Sur Land Trust. White served as the institution’s director until his death in 1989. The Big Sur Land Trust managed the library until October 1998, when it was taken over by the non-profit The Henry Miller Memorial Library Inc.


As you enjoy visiting Big Sur, never forget what are the precautions and things you need to follow. Pack and plan ahead of time before visiting Big Sur and bring enough and essential stuff for your vacation. Of course you should always bring your camera with you to capture the beautiful attractions.

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