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8 Beautiful Forests Across The World

8 Beautiful Forests Across The World

The forest is an environment that is home to a variety of wild creatures. A forest is a large area of land that contains trees, wild wildflowers plants. It’s also where wild animals thrive and multiply.
If the city is the place for human people, a forest is the place for any and all wildlife, including plants and animals and trees including all various types. According to latitude, the 3 main forms of forests are taiga (boreal) woods, temperate forests, and tropical forests. Every forest is classified in its own way. Experts determine the age of a forest-based on its soil, the types of trees present, and its heritage.

There are a lot of beautiful forests across the world but, let me introduce to you the 8 Beautiful Forests Across the World.

1. Daintree Rainforest

It had been discovered in Northern Queensland, Australia, and it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. The Daintree Rainforest has been one of the world’s most renowned rainforests. By its significance, it served as being among the sources of inspiration for such landscapes in the hit movie Avatar.

The Daintree Rainforest is also the oldest known tropical rainforest, dating back more than 10 million years. With over 180 million years, the rapid expansion of creeping vines and canopy has been increasing. It’s no surprise that it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and that many visitors really like to spend a day there admiring its natural beauty.

Apart from the breathtaking scenery, vacationers can participate in a variety of activities such as crocodile sightings, spear fishing, floating underneath the canopy, and several other thrilling outdoor recreation. If you enjoy relaxing, a luxurious spa or their Native spa would just be ideal.

2. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Kyoto, Japan is the location. This is one of the ideal places in the country to explore a variety of bamboo which causes you to feel like you’ve been in a fictional environment.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is divided into two sections in which you can wander through the middle while admiring a large number of bamboo trees. The bamboo woods in Arashiyama have been abandoned and restored with residential neighborhoods before it was a tourist destination, however, the government promptly responded and guarded the location. It became a popular tourist destination in Kyoto.

Many people are interested in the story or purpose of bamboo groves. Its function is to be a decoration. During the Heian Period, Arashiyama was a popular location for royal and noble residences and temples. Furthermore, bamboo trees are used for the production of art and craft and also in the construction of houses.

As you keep on walking through the bamboo forest, you will come across temples, shrines, gardens, and halls..

3. Gir Forest National Park

This can only be found in Gujarat, India’s western state. Gir Forest is a protected area for its renowned Asiatic lion, which was once hunted and killed and somehow managed to regain population growth when Gir Forest conservation efforts began. Gir has become a favorite habitat for lions, leopards, jackals, antelopes, deer, and other wildlife due to its dry, deciduous, and hilly terrain.

Guests frequently come to Gir Forest to see the lions as well as other native animals that live there. Even during busy times, the site becomes extremely crowded, but guests will begin to visit the Forest Park from December to March. The period of March to May might just be a great time to visit if you want to see lions as well as other animals.

But apart from Africa, Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat, India, has been the only place on earth in which lions could further wander freely. Gir Sanctuary is a major tourist attraction for the environment and animal lovers, as well as photographers..

4. Spiny Forest

Madagascar is the location. This is famous for its outlandish look and unique habitat discovered only in Madagascar. There are many thorn-resistant white lemurs, birds that chant in groups, and a chameleon that spent the vast majority of its life as an egg. That sounds strange but intriguing. They also once found an Elephant bird that grew up to 10 feet tall and a gorilla-sized lemur, but became extinct a few centuries ago.

Despite all those weird wildlife and bizarre style nature, Scientists have ranked Spiny Forest as one of the world’s most important ecoregions. The bad news is that the Spiny Forest of Madagascar is silently and rapidly destroying and people outside Madagascar might not know about it.

It is said that it might be because of some illegal activities happening in the forest. There are two reasons as to why the Spiny Forest is silently going up in smoke, the first is shifting cultivation and the second is the production of charcoal. These illegal activities of humans made the forest destroy its wonderful nature. However, many kind-hearted people want to protect the area and preserve it as much as possible. The government became active in preserving the Spiny Forest and making lots of parks and reserves. With the cooperation and support of everyone, the bizarre style and weird wildlife of Spiny Forest can still recover its wonderful nature.

5. Jangtaesan Recreational Forest

Located in Jangan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, South Korea. With 12km of routes, the place is made up of Ginkgo trees and bald cypress. This is South Korea’s 1st recreational/man-made and natural forest developed by a private fund. There are lush valleys near the area that are ideal for family trips and summer vacations..

Aside from the beautiful view, there are a few sites within which you can experience walking, outdoor activities, a botanical garden, and a barefoot walking path. It does not stop there. You could also visit their fish farm, deer farm, and children’s playground. If you want to see the look of Jangtesan, you can always go to their sky tower and admire the natural beauty of the area. Anyone can have a good time calming and interacting with the environment.

6. Sayang Mossy Forest

Located in Lias, Barlig, Mountain Province. Sayang Mossy Forest is the last ecological frontier in the Philippines. It was named because of its Mossy resemblance and moss covering most of the tree trunks and branches, even the ground surfaces are covered by moss. People think of it as the “land of Avatars” because of its bizarre yet unforgettable style. The trees are short enough that even some of them are just enough for human size, gnarled trunks, and branches that reach up to 8m.

People who visited Mossy Forest had an eerie feeling when they entered it but the more they explore the forest, the eerie feeling they’ve felt has changed and felt more excited and happy at the same time. By entering the Mossy Forest, you will encounter waterfalls, wildlife, and rafflesia. It is said that there is still no researcher or scientist who has studied the wonders that the Sayang Mossy Forest has. Still, Mossy Forest is one of the pristine forest ecosystems in the Philippines that need to be protected.

7. Tropical Rainforest of Xishuangbanna

located in Jinghong, Mengla, Menghai 3 counties of Xishuangbanna in southern Yunnan province, China. It is the most undamaged, unharmed, complete, most typical, and largest rainforest ecosystem in the country.

Experts have discovered 5 thousand kinds of tropical plants and animals and there might still be more. It has about 80 hectares of tropical rainforest with over 2000 protected seed plants and over 100 rare and endangered species. There is also a place where well-known personalities and celebrities planted trees. There is also an area intended for bamboo, national plants, and habitat for endangered animals.

According to tourist guides it is best for visitors to visit during spring, autumn, and winter, in the month of October to June. Reminders for the visitors must always pay attention for their tour, they must arrange everything before they visit the place and must bring the things that are needed especially spray or lotion to avoid the mosquito bites. Must pay attention to other wildlife like snakes and beast attacks. Must wear appropriate clothing and always bring an emergency kit and device tool that will help if something bad happens.

Lastly, visitors must always follow the rules and protocols. Avoid touching anything as much as possible because it might harm you or you might harm them. Don’t cause damage to any wildlife and always keep the surroundings clean, you must leave nothing but footprints. Most importantly, don’t make fire freely.

8. Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg

This is a large forested mountain range in southwest Germany, bordering France. Known for its evergreen rainforest-pleasing villages. The forest occupies over 2,000 square miles while it extends towards the northeast for about 100 miles from Säckingen towards Durlach.

Its width varies between 10 and 25 miles. It is the structural and topographic counterpart of the Vosges, which is located west of the Rhine valley. The Black Forest drops abruptly to the Rhine plain but slopes more gently to the east toward the Neckar and Nagold valleys. It has rounded summits with granite highlands.

Like other places in this world, Black Forest is a famous vacation spot for travelers. It’s known for its rivers, hills, valleys, hot springs, and forests. Sunlight cannot enter the center or even hit the ground inside the Black Forest because of its thickness and stretch of pine trees.

There are many choices for a traveler to choose when you are planning on vacation at Black Forest. Consider the town of Baden-Baden, Schwarzwaldhochstrasse, Black Forest Open-Air Museum, and German clock museum and there are many activities awaiting you when you visit the Black Forest.

It is best to visit around early spring and late autumn because the Black Forest is not that crowded. During the month of June to August, it is where it becomes overcrowded but it’s up to you. Anytime is the best as long as you enjoy the beauty of Black Forest.

Why are forests important?

Forests are the lungs of the Earth and are important to every living thing in this world. It’s one of the sources of our oxygen, food, and the things we use. It is the home of 50% of all terrestrial species on the Earth. Forests purify the air, filter the water, prevent too much flooding, and it’s important to prevent climate change.

Without forest the ecosystem will be unbalanced. The animals might lose their habitats and will forcibly live in the city together with humans. It might cause an abrupt change of our climate if we don’t preserve and protect the forest.

How Can We Preserve A Forest?

It’s alarming to hear from the news that some forests are slowly destroying and disappearing. So to prevent them from happening it’s best if we do the moves already, we should learn how to use eco-friendly materials, the government must do its part and stop those illegal activities happening in the forest as much as possible. Plant more trees, preserve endangered animals and plants, clean the surroundings and avoid creating fire when you’re in a forest to avoid the wildfire that causes too much destruction.

  • Produce less waste, monitor, and protect the existing forest.
  • Support those organizations who also want the best for our mother nature.
  • Must adopt the use of nature-friendly products.
  • Be an advocate of preserving nature and all wildlife.
  • Must share your knowledge about how important it is to protect our ecosystem especially to kids.


Always remember to avoid destroying our nature. Avoid throwing trash everywhere. Stop cutting trees without any permission from the government. Stop burning woods for charcoal production and if you do you must have the government’s permission and must replace it with a new one. Just remember that if we lose our nature, we will also lose the source of our food and other important things.


We should appreciate how wonderful every forest we get to see for real. As much as possible we should preserve and protect forests all over the world. Lastly, we should be grateful because we are able to see the beauty of every forest.

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