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8 Major Scuba Gears Perfect For Your First Dive

8 Major Scuba Gears Perfect For Your First Dive

Nothing is more enjoyable than being able to dive underwater and see the wonders of the ocean and other bodies of water. When you are planning on diving, especially for the first time you must prepare important scuba gear for a perfect and smooth diving experience as a beginner. Furthermore, it is important that you must understand the purpose of every tool and how to use them properly. It is to avoid troubles and errors especially when you are submerged in the water because our capabilities are very limited to what we can do.

Diving underwater requires the right amount of equipment for better experience. Although for leisure, great expertise will not matter that much because diving can only be performed in shallow areas of water suitable for those who just want to enjoy the beauty of aquatic animals and structures. Scuba diving requires a number of tools to get you the experience of staying underwater for a longer period of time. The list below are the Scuba gears you need to prepare for a perfect diving activity.

Scuba Gears And Their Functions

Scuba gears are what enables us to breathe and see underwater. It is commonly used by many divers around the world to discover what’s underneath the ocean, river, and lakes. Some activities include biodiversity discoveries, investigation of sunken ships, and the most common reason which is leisure.

1. Most important Part of Scuba Gear: Diving Mask

It is very important to see underwater, and what allows us to do so is the help of a diving mask. This tool is usually made of glass, plastic, and rubber for holding the mask in the wearer’s face. There are many classifications of a diving mask depending on the preference of the diver. Like a round oval shape, a traditional diving mask that covers only the eyes and the nose. And the modified version with a large oval shape, enough to cover the entire face of the wearer, giving the advantage of oral and nasal breathing.

2. Snorkels for your Scuba Gear

Aside from the need to be able to see underwater, it is also essential to breathe underwater to be able to dive deeper and stay longer. There are major ways to be able to do that. One piece of equipment is the Snorkel, a tube normally made of plastic with a mouthpiece on the bottom end and an open hole on the top end. This gives the diver the advantage to breathe when submerged, but only in a limited depth depending on the length of the snorkel. Commonly, an integrated diving mask, usually a full-face version, already had its own snorkel attached for more convenient swimming or diving.

3. Fins for Fast Swimming

This tool is one of the major components of your scuba gears. There are several types of fins you can choose depending on their efficiency and comfort in your feet. Moreover, the fins allow you to move with enough speed like the feet of the ducks. It gives you the advantage of swimming with agility and strength despite wearing other scuba gears with some weight like the scuba tank. It is important to use the fins to easily adapt and compensate with your limitations when diving underwater.

4. Scuba Gear: Wetsuits And Drysuits

A suit is highly essential when diving. It is keeping your skin warm and protecting you from unexpected water contaminations. The main purpose of the suit is to keep your body dry and to avoid emergency physical cases like hypothermia. But in some cases, water can be colder and a thicker suit is required to be able to dive and stay in a longer period underwater that our body and suits can tolerate.

5. Gauges Compass for Orientation

When you are deep in the water, it is important to have a device that measures the remaining air in your gas tank, in order to understand your situation, if you can dive deeper or not. This is for safety and to avoid losing oxygen when you are still deep below the surface. The gauge is the tool responsible for this measurement. It helps you monitor your gas tank and record your reached depths. There are two types of gauges, the first one is a depth gauge that measures your dive. And the second one is the submersible pressure gauge that measures your gas in your oxygen tank.

6. Dive Watch Or Computer

This tool is used to measure how long you can stay underwater and the depths of your location. It is important to have one of this equipment if you are new in diving. To have knowledge of your availability in oxygen and other important information.

7. Compass for your Scuba Gear

Diving underwater has a totally different environment compared to when you are on the surface. A compass will let you know your location and for you to not get lost. It is important to have a compass with you so you will have an eye of your current location all the time.

8. BCD Wing And Jacket Type

The BCD is a type of scuba gear that controls the buoyancy of the diver. This allows them to inflate or deflate depending on their desired preferences. When deflating they can go lower and when inflating they can go higher. It is one way of controlling how a diver can float under the water. The BCD is referred to as “Buoyancy Control Device”, it has two types: a wing type and a jacket type. Both versions of the BCD works well and it is only a matter of comfortability and preference that fits the choice of a scuba diver.


Scuba diving is definitely fun. Its preparation must be fully done with great understanding of the devices you need to equip for a safe and better diving experience. The scuba gears are the result of human innovation to do the impossible. Like breathing underwater, diving in deeper locations, and swimming with speed and agility. It is definitely a great experience to discover what’s beneath the ocean either for profession or leisure using the scuba gears perfect for diving.


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