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Angler’s Fishing Tackles And Everything You Need To Know

Angler’s Fishing Tackles And Everything You Need To Know

The world of fishing is full of challenging things especially for those who are starting their journey as an angler. There are quite a few things to consider for an angler. Like the use of proper fishing tackles, techniques, methods, experience and planning. If you are new in using a rod, line and hook for fishing then this article is perfect for you.

What is an angler?

An angler is someone who uses the bait fishing method and techniques in fishing using a hook which is attached to the line and other fishing apparatus. The term “angler” comes from the word “angle” which also means “hook” in fishing. Those who engage in fishing using this tool can be called an angler.

What is the difference between an angler and a fisherman?

The difference between an angler and a fisherman can be viewed by a specific method of fishing. The equipment used and the term fishing in general. An angler is someone who only uses certain equipment in fishing like the fishing rod, reel, line and the hook. Although there are various tools used by an angler such as fishing accessories related to the method of fishing using a hook, it still falls under the angling method. Fisherman, on the other hand, refers to a person who catches fish using various methods either for a living or a source of excitement and fun. Apparently, anglers are also fishermen in general. But because of their specific method of catching a fish and the fishing equipment they used, they are coined with their own terminology that fits exactly with their own style and tools in fishing.

What is a fishing tackle?

Normally a fishing tackle means a tool used by an angler. All the fishing gears and accessories used in fishing are already a fishing tackle. The most common among all these fishing equipment are the fishing rod, reels, line, hooks. Also the nets, traps and other significant accessories. A known fishing tool called “rig” is the best example of a fishing tackle. A fishing rig is a constructed equipment combined together with a variety of fishing tools such as the hook. It is the main component that is then attached to a bait that lures predators thinking it’s their prey. In addition, it is then connected with a floater and a sinker simultaneously with a swivel and a tool that simply ties the knot.

What are the fishing tackles normally used by anglers?

There are many fishing tackles used by anglers in fishing but the most common tools that resemble the angling method of fishing are composed of three different tools. Each of these tackles have its own specific purpose. These are the line, hook and the sinker.

Fishing Line

A fishing line is one of the most essential tools used by anglers. It serves as the cord attached with a hook either on the tip end of the line or near its tip. Normally, a fishing line is made of silk. But the technological improvements of the world made the material into a more effective and reliable product such as nylon and monofilament. Nylon is the most basic fishing line used around the world. Many anglers preferred using the monofilament because of its quality such as better buoyancy and also stretchable for heavier catch.

Fishing Hook

Hooks are usually made of metal material with a pointed tip that locks the fish if it hits their body or it sticks into their mouth or gills after using a luring object or a bait. Early forms of hooks are made of bones, stone or bird’s beaks. Moreover, hooks are the most important tool in angling and other types of fishing in general that involve this device. Other usage of hooks using different fishing methods involved live bait fishing, lure fishing and fly fishing.

Fishing Sinker

Sinkers are as equally as important as the hook and the fishing line. This type of fishing tackle serves as the weight that sinks the hook or baiting objects such as lures to go deeper from the water surface which are perfect for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Normally, a sinker is made of metal that is shaped in any form. Its sizes differ depending on the angler’s own preference and types of environment and fish to catch. Sinkers are usually attached to the tip of the fishing line or inches away from the fishing hooks.


Fishing tackles symbolize traditional and modern ways of fishing. It serves as the main equipment for anglers and fishermen for effective fishing. The combination of modern-day ideas and the early types of fishing tools pave the way to more sophisticated and advanced fishing tackles that help us in today’s fishing generation either for professional or recreational purposes.


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