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Snorkeling Guide On Swim Buoy

Snorkeling Guide On Swim Buoy

The purpose of an open water swim buoy, or pull buoy, is to provide visibility in a water passage. It is an equipment that secures the safety of every snorkeler and swimmer to swim and snorkeling, as well as storage for important items. If you enjoy swimming in the sea, lake or river, swim buoy (tow float) is recommended for your safety.

Importance of Swim Buoy

The importance of pull buoys is to add buoyancy to your hips. Help you maintain your body position in line and make you more streamlined. This device can help you focus on snorkeling. It also helps you build your core strength, and a variety of other things that will help you improve your snorkeling.

Swim buoys help increase the visibility of the swimmer to lifeguards, boaters and other open water vehicles.

Even for an advanced swimmer who is pushing the limits for competing in the sport, a swim buoy is always a good idea. That shows how important a swim buoy is. For beginners in snorkeling a swim buoy will really help you and it will make you more secure while snorkeling.

What is a Swim Buoy made from?

The OSS Eco Tow Float (swim buoy) is a new inflatable dry bag made from recycled plastic bottles that is designed for swimming adventures like snorkeling and other water activities. This type of buoy comes with SOLAS reflective material stripes, a safety whistle, and an external glow stick tag or cameras.

Types of Swim Buoy (Tow float)

Tow Float

This is a basic tow float designed to improve swimmer visibility in the water. If the snorkelers or swimmers need to wear a tow float to their local open water venue, this is the perfect option. The float is inflated using an easy-to-use non-return valve and the quality is excellent.

Tow Donut

The Tow Donut has a flatter profile and is slightly larger than the original tow float. It also has a small transparent dry bag on top of the float for storing essentials, your food, drink, a mobile phone or camera, and so on. The dry bag can be closed by folding it down and securing it with a clip. Because a torch can be stored in the transparent dry bag, this bouy is also ideal for night swimming.

Medium, small, large and extra large Dry Bag

This type of swim buoy (tow float) is ideal for bringing some equipment with you on your adventure swim. The medium bag will fit a pair of shoes and light clothing. Choose a larger bag if you’re going on a longer adventure and need to carry more gear. The quality of this equipment is excellent, and the bag is inflated with two non-return valves.

Wild Swim Bag

Wild Swim Bag is a 30L inflatable dry bag with shoulder, waist and chest straps. Can also be used while walking, hiking, or running. And if you remove the straps, it will reveal a tow float (swim buoy) that can be used for snorkeling. This is useful for wild swimming adventures. It’s also great for swim-run training if you want to bring a little extra gear with you.


Swim buoys are not made for personal flotation devices and should not be relied upon to keep you afloat. It does, however, provide some help. Such as life guards and boats will recognize a snorkeler or swimmer to carry their essentials.


A swim buoy is an excellent water equipment that helps snorkelers and swimmers to stay safe while snorkeling and swimming in open water. This type of equipment assists with everything from providing a safety and secure mechanism for floating when you are tired carrying personal items like water, snacks, keys or your wallet.

Swim buoys can also be helpful to transport personal belongings instead of leaving them on the beach, in your car, or at home. Swim buoys also allow its user to take a break for a while and relax during snorkeling, triathlons, swimming, or training by allowing them to simply float and rest.


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