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Fish Stringer And Its Importance In Fishing

Fish Stringer And Its Importance In Fishing

Fishing in general is fun and exciting. Not only with the way of catching the fish but also how you can enjoy your free time. But if it’s something you usually do, then it must be a valuable passion you have to be able to be fishing for a way of dealing with life. I myself personally love fishing. There is this feeling of excitement trying to catch a fish and having the opportunity to eat fresh fish meat afterwards. More than just a hobby, it is both a rewarding thing to do and a great source of relaxation and stress reliever. And it’s only a matter of personal reason why we all go fishing, isn’t it?

There is a very great way of fishing that is safer to the environment and very challenging. It is a combination of free diving and sport. This method is commonly known as spearfishing. Spearfishing is really the best way of catching a fish since you can choose the right target. Some fish are just smaller and are not a good thing to catch. The main tools that you will be using in spearfishing are the spear gun, the spear and a wire attached to the spear so you will not lose it. But aside from these, there is also a tool you can use to store your catch easily. And so you can continue fishing without reaching your boat. This fishing tool is called a fish stringer. It plays an important role in your spearfishing experience. Let’s talk about it!

What Is A Fish Stringer?

A fish stringer is normally used for spearfishing when catching a fish. It is then hooked in this line of rope or wire to keep the fish alive. The stinger is attached with a wooden stick normally of hardwood to keep the fish from slipping through. Some spearfishing divers tend to use a longer line of rope or wire for safety especially if they are on shark-infested reefs. Furthermore, when catching a fish underwater through spearfishing, the fish then threaded in the rope or wire through their mouth or eyes. It only depends on the diver where to thread the stringers on the fish.

What Is The Reason For Having A Fish Stringer?

In spearfishing it is important to have a fish stringer. With it, you can keep your catch alive while you are still fishing and let it stay fresh. Those who are spearfishing in reefs, it is advisable to have a floater attached to the edge of your stringer to keep the fish afloat and not hit any corals or stones. The stringer can definitely help you in keeping your catch while you are still submerged under water.

What Are The Other Versions Of The Fish Stringer?

Some fishermen who are still using the traditional ways, which is bait fishing or bait casting, normally uses a fish stringer made of metal and a chain structure called the chain stringer. It has a clip where the fish can be strung while staying in the water. As a person who loves bait fishing, I personally go with the chain stringer to keep my catch in the water keeping them alive. So when I go home, they are still fresh throughout the day. We all know how great a fresh catch is, right?

What Can I Do To Make My Own Stringer?

This is very simple, when I was still a kid in my hometown, there was a river nearby where I used to fish. I then look for some sturdy woods and pick the one I find suitable for my stringer. I have with me a thin rope or a nylon, which is a scrap material from making my own bait casting fishing tool. After it, I tie it with a strong piece of wood which has enough size to thread through the gill of the fish or through its eyes. I look for another piece of wood for the tip end to avoid the fish from slipping out of the nylon, wire, or rope. There you go, an improvised fish stringer for my catch. It’s easy and there is no need to apply much strength and effort, just a simple way of creating things around you to your advantage.


Fishing outdoors is definitely a great way of spending your extra time. It provides a feeling of excitement and joy, and a full stomach too after eating your catch. Isn’t it fun and rewarding? Well, yes it definitely is. Spearfishing on the other hand is more adventurous and challenging especially for those who are just starting their journey. But once you’re an expert, it becomes a source of infinite joy. The fish stringer can definitely give you the convenience of this diving activity. Never forget to use one when you’re back in the ocean catching the best fishes while enjoying your day.


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