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How To Make Your Own Flower Pot Stand At Home – Beginners Guide

How To Make Your Own Flower Pot Stand At Home – Beginners Guide

This pot plant holder can also be made in a short amount of time. This pot plant stand may be built in under an hour with the correct DIY tools. If you’re seeking something to do during a lockdown or want to make a gift for someone, this is the project for you.

This Project Will Require The Following Tools And Supplies:

  • electric saw or hacksaw
  • drill
  • Pocket hole Kreg jig system
  • wooden dowels, 1/4 inch
  • glue for wood
  • 12 pine trees (I bought a 6 foot pi6-footer both stands.)
  • 3/4 x 3/4 square hardwood (At Home Depot, you’ll find these in various lengths in the hardwood lumber aisle.)
  • Minwax Dark Minwax as a stain.

How To Make A Plant Stand Out Of Wood

Step 1: Cut The Wood For The Plant Stand Legs In Step One

Set aside 4 legs cut from 3/4 x 3/4 square hardwood. The legs were chopped to the same height as the pot that the stand could support.

Step 2: Prepare The Plant Stand Platform By Cutting The Wood

The platform will be made from 1 x 2 wood and will be made up of three parts that will form an X to support the potted plant.
Cut one piece to the necessary width for your plant stand (Piece A) (the widest part of your pot.)

Pieces B and C: Cut a second piece that is the same size as component A but thinner. Then, to make pieces B and C cut that component in half.

Step 3: Drill Holes For The Platform Piece

Mark the exact center of piece A and drill two holes through the piece of wood (the size of your wooden dowels). Line up one end of piece B with your holes and make a pencil mark. Then, in your marks, drill holes deep enough for your dowels to go halfway in.
Rep with piece C, this time making a hole on one end.

Step 4: Drill Leg Pocket Holes

You’ll make pocket holes on the underside of the platform for the legs to go through. Drill pocket holes on the edge of each short piece of your platform (on the opposite end of your dowels) and one edge of both ends of your long piece with a Kreg jig to begin.

Step 5: Put The Platform Piece Together

Place your wooden dowels into your shorter pieces with a drop of wood glue, then into your long piece on both sides to form an X, making sure that all pocket holes are on the same side.

Step 6: Measure the height of your plant stand platform.

The size and shape of your pot will determine the positioning (height) of the platform of your plant stand (the x you just constructed) on the legs.
Hold your platform with one leg on two opposing sides in position and have a friend hold your pot in place so you can see where the top section of each leg should touch your pot to calculate the height. The point of contact between the tops of the legs and the pot changes when the platform is raised and lowered. Mark the bottom edge of the platform on one leg after you’re satisfied with the look.

Then, align up all of the legs and make a mark on each one. (The quantity of wood going up the side of my pot will be on the left, and the legs will be on the right.)

Step 7: Put the Legs Together

On the end of one of your platform pieces, dab a little amount of wood glue. Line up the end of one leg with the marks you drew, making sure the pocket hole is facing the bottom of the leg. Attach the platform to the leg piece using a Kreg screw and repeat for all legs. With a moist towel, wipe any glue that oozes out. (If you don’t, the dye won’t penetrate the wood.)

Clamp your plant, stand in place, and leave it alone for the night.

All done! Now all you have to do is fill the pots on your DIY outdoor plant stand with lovely plants!


Plant stands in a variety of styles are available, ranging from modern to traditional to rustic. They’ll offer a classy handcrafted touch to any space or place, whether they’re indoors or out. If you’re searching for some outside decor, a DIY planter can be a good option.

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