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How To Make Your Own Garden Flag Stand at Home – Beginners Guide

What is a Garden Flag Stand?

The Garden Flag is also called flagstaff and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Flag stand makes your home more decorative and unique. If you really want to beautify your lawn or yard with something like a flag, you have a variety of choices to select from, including garden flag poles and various display units. With the use of the garden flag, you will be able to welcome your family, friends and relatives while showing a glimpse of your personality through the choice of color and design of your flag stand. One of the easiest ways to beautify your garden or yard is with a garden flag.

Guide on How to Make Garden Flag Stand:

It’s easy to make a garden flag. In this case, follow the guides that will make you understand the importance of how to make your own flag stand in your outdoor space.

Planning Your Flag

The first thing to do is to plan your flag and get the necessary materials like scissors, fabric glue, needle and thread and a sewing machine. This project requires a length of tough cloth and some other decorations that make your flag unique and beautiful.

Choose a Type of a Cloth for your Flag

Burlap is the greatest piece of fabric for homemade flags; it’s a nice rustic fabric with a minimal thread count that unravels readily. However, you can choose whatever type you want like a robust cloth. A heavier cloth will usually hang better.

Pick a Design

For picking a design, bright colors are perfect for your flower flag stand and just make it simple use a meaningful symbol that the child can draw from memory. Take into account lowering down your cloth with heavy products to ensure that it hangs straight and exposes your artwork without twisting all around the pole.

Making the Flag

Make it simple. It’s best to get your flag stand first so you can measure the material to fit. Flags are usually seen from a distance and make sure to use meaningful imagery and limit your chosen colors.

Stitch or Glue your Flag

Lay your flag material out on a flat surface. If you are doubling up the material, do that now and glue the two sides together along the left, right and bottom sides. Bend over one 4-inch (10.2 cm) from the peak of your flag to establish the pouch into which the flag pole will be inserted to display your flag. Attach or sew the base lateral side of this flap, but leave the left and right sides unglued because here is where the flap pole will go.

Decorate your Flag

Decorative flags offer a number of purposes. Now that you have made the main part of your flag, you can do the creative design using the ideas in the section above. Choose a bright design very well, but remember some colors may fade over time.

Hanging your Garden Flag

Showcase the flags throughout dusk to dawn, then place them in a protected area. The greatest spot for your flag is typically somewhere relatively shaded. Ascertain that the flagpole is securely installed. You now can display your flag.


Your house can add a pop of color and a little whimsy to your yard with the addition of garden flags. Those small, square flags are available in a variety of styles to complement your present yard decorations. It greets guests with a bright ‘Welcome’ flag or enhances your garden aesthetic with a simple and classic floral style. For such a distinctive landscape decoration, place a lawn flag from of the side of your house, or maintain it traditional by putting your flag pole which effortlessly penetrates into soft soils.

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