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Importance Of A Line Cutter

Importance Of A Line Cutter

Line cutter is an innovative ring that cuts fishing lines. Its double-sided blade entrance eliminates the need for speculation when snipping a fishing line. Carry the fishing line either to the corner of the cutting tool, and the patented cutting slot will properly cut even with 100 pound braid.

Importance of a Line cutter

A line cutter is a knife which can sever tight fishing nets, which are often used to lower lobster and crab cages into the ocean.

It is a great fishing necessity because it provides a fast and simple cut. Line cutter is an important tool to help divers cut a fishing nets. In case that there is marine life trapped in a fishing net like dolphins, sea turtles and other marine life. It is critical to always have at least one mechanism of cutting monofilament line, webbing, rope, and so on with you. Several people are carrying two for backup.

When divers go scuba and encounter marine animals that got stock in a fish net, they can use the line cutter to free the marine life from being trapped. Every divers bring on with them whenever they have scuba diving activity. Diving is not only about exploring the ocean but it is also a way of monitoring the ocean and marine life situation. This device can also be used if there are serious emergencies like if a diver got stuck on something.

Line cutter overview

A scuba dive knife and line cutting tool contains multiple aquatic benefits ranging from protection to environmental matters, wreck diving, aiding stuck animals and even underwater work.

Line Cutter is built to last and has an adjustable design that makes it easy to use. Even though wearing heavy neoprene gloves, it makes for simple cutting of lines or ropes. The equipped blade is made out of stainless steel, as well as 2 extra blades are included. It is made of durable molded plastic and is vibrantly yellow in color, allowing it to be quickly recognized in low-light conditions.

This is a small device which helps the divers to carry this thing. It’s manageable and easy to use, even beginners can use it. Knives and line cutting tools have numerous applications. There is the evidence to escape yourself or your buddy if captured by errant fishing line, netting, etc. And there are a variety of other applications as well, including a prying tool, signaling tool and surface tool when fettling your kit.

Pros and cons of Line cutter

Line cutters are helpful and effective in cutting fishing nets, saving marine life and even yourself or your buddy. There are many important uses of a line cutter. Admit it or not but most divers must bring their own.

Even so, there are still issues regarding the use of a line cutter and any other tools used to cut or slice something underwater. Line cutters may not be dangerous to us but they can trigger marine life especially sharks. If an aquatic animal senses danger from a diver, there might be instances that they will attack you. It’s not advisable to show your line cutter while diving. It must be put somewhere that is hidden but easy to get if there are unexpected situation happen.


Dive knives and line cutting tools must be brought by every divers. I always recommend that divers must possess two methods of cutting and slicing with them at most instances underwater, because knives can break, get lost and dulled.

Good maintenance helps you use your line cutter for a long period of time. Keep in mind that after using it you must sanitize it to avoid the molds of bacteria. Put it in a storage away from any children.


In conclusion, line cutters are one of the essential tools for divers. Although there are a lot of benefits we can gain from line cutter, there are also cons that we need to avoid to prevent getting attacked by aquatic animals.


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