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Outwell Denver 6 – The 16 best products compared

Comparison winner of the editors Outwell Tent Footprint Clarkston 6A Grey

Outwell Denver 6 – The 16 best products compared

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Outwell Denver 6 – the most important at a glance

Product Guide: Outwell Denver 6 The Outwell Denver 6 is a versatile and reliable tent designed to accommodate up to six people. Its spacious living area boasts a floor space of 7.9m², providing ample room for camping gear and furniture. The tent features a sewn-in groundsheet, offering enhanced protection against insects and dampness. Its deep front canopy allows for outdoor lounging, sheltered cooking, or even storage space for muddy boots. Similar to the Outwell Denver 6, the Outwell Denver 6P variation offers the same robust construction but comes with an additional sleeping compartment. This provides more flexibility for families or groups seeking separate sleeping areas. Both models come equipped with pre-bent poles, enhancing stability and making setup effortless. Additionally, both tents feature mesh pockets and cable entry points, ensuring a clean and organized living space. The Outwell Denver 6 and Denver 6P share several key features. These include large tinted windows with toggle-up curtains, which allow for natural light and privacy control. Both tents also incorporate Outwell’s innovative Wind Stabilizer System, safeguarding against strong winds by using adjustable Velcro straps and a strong bracing system. However, their main difference lies in the additional sleeping area offered by the Denver 6P. This feature makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a more versatile sleeping setup. Whether you opt for the Outwell Denver 6 or Denver 6P, you can be assured of top-quality materials and exceptional design, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

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