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Purpose Of Levelling Ramps for Caravan

Purpose Of Levelling Ramps for Caravan

Caravan ramps also known as “levelling ramps” are made from plastic or aluminum blocks that have been placed beneath a caravan to keep it level regardless of the terrain. Tire savers are really an incredible asset to every camping equipment. These aids in preventing caravan tires from sinking on soft soils when parked for a longer length of time.

Purpose of Levelling Ramps for Caravan

Once it comes to installing a caravan, a quality camping site is perfect. If you don’t even have one, it is really wise to take stages to level your caravan as much as possible. Many caravans can withstand a temperature difference of 10°, but anything above that may lead to problems including items collapsing and the refrigerator not working, swinging doors open, sinks and showers not draining, sleeping apprehension and system level affects the caravan.

Caravan levelling ramps and blocks will keep your caravan or vehicle secure as well as level also on campsites. When camping on uneven ground, it’s really critical to use ramps to stabilize your caravan so that you can always relax and sleep peacefully inside.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Levelling Ramps

There may be issues with properly leveling your caravan and fitting your wheel clamp. This one is particularly true when installing an AL-KO lock. If you really want to install an AL-KO wheel lock, you might as well find it much easier to just use a leveling jack or even the Lock-n-Level airbag system. Some levelling ramps are costly which is hard for other people to buy and meet its price. Some levellers are still on the small side and might not even add the necessary height.

Advantages of other levelling ramps come in three different heights to accommodate varying degrees of unevenness. The storage bag is useful for safely storing and transporting them. These are simple to use and place. These are well-made and will last for a long time. Such levellers’ material, apart from wood, is durable. These are simple to operate and maneuver your vehicle onto, built to withstand a weight limit of 5 tons. And are really an excellent value option as they are reasonably priced. Polyethene is a long-lasting and UV-resistant material.

Facts about Levelling Ramps

Ramps up by around 20cm in height can be purchased. Most are not smooth ramps, but instead have two, three, or even 4 different height steps, such as 4, 7, and 10cm. Ramps should really have a great tread to help hold your tires. Many motorhome owners prefer wider ramps.

It appears to take just little practice to master the art of using leveling ramps. It’s best if you have two people: one to position the ramps and direct the driver, and the other to drive. If getting the wheels up onto the ramps is difficult, you can use anti-slip plates to assist you.


It is critical to choose a leveling ramp that can support the weight of the caravan without collapsing. If this happens, your caravan or motorhome will become unlevel, and you will most likely have to buy another product again. To ensure will not be an issue, you should choose the best levelling ramp that suits your caravan.


Leveling ramps, along with breakdown cover and insurance for your motorhome, are essential for a relaxing vacation. When not in use, the largest, sturdiest ramps take up too much space, so take into account whether a smaller set would really be better. You could even buy very durable ramps that could handle incredibly heavy motorhomes, but they are obviously more expensive. The least expensive, non branded ramps may be made of brittle plastic, which could prove to be a waste of money. A dependable motorhome insurance policy can help you keep your investment.


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