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Scuba Guide: What Is A Fish Call And How To Use It

Scuba Guide: What Is A Fish Call And How To Use It

The Fish Call is a device that has a speaker that emits sounds, noise, and vibration that lure more fish. Fishes are naturally curious, yet always hungry and gravitate forward into sounds and vibrations in search of their next food.

What is a Fish Call?

Fish call is basically a device used to catch more fish. It sends sound and vibration that’ll be used as a signal for fishes to come out. When fishes hear that sound, they will become curious, as well as waiting for their meal. The Fish Call is roughly the equivalent of a mini football and weighs less than 2 pounds. It includes a small anchor and anchor line to keep it in spot, but you can also let it float untethered. A single Fish Call can be enough to lure nearby fish, or combine several of them to generate a feeding frenzy.

Once you spread your device around the aquatic environment, fish searching for their next meal will naturally gravitate to your spot. Before, without it, you can simply wait with your line cast. But with this fish call device, you won’t have to sit through hours of lack of activity. As hungry fish will be coming your way, making them very likely to bite on your bait.

How to use a Fish Call?

The device, dubbed an “electronic fish attractor,” is thrown into the water and left to work its magic, attracting fish to its location. It tends to take several of the fun out of catching fish. But unless you’re looking to catch just a few slimy swimmers to cook for dinner, we can’t think of a more efficient manner to get the job done.

By turning the fish call device on, it’ll start making sound and vibration. It’ll be a guide for fishes to come out and show up. Its sound and vibration attracts more fish, then will be the best time to catch them. As this fish call device uses clicking sounds to entice curious fish, this is worn on the index finger of the hand which does not hold the spear gun. It is operated by spinning the toothed wheel with the thumb. The best way of making it efficient is to create a few ticks when you’re at the bottom, then shift to silence. A screw with such a nut allows you to adjust the sizing so that it fits different hand sizes and can be used with thicker gloves.

Do you need batteries to use a Fish Call?

In its present 3D-printed preview mode, the device is powered by a 9V battery and can operate for up to 8 hours. The production model will be upgraded to AAs or AAAs. To fully use your Fish Caller device you must have those types of batteries for it to work. The batteries could last for about 15 hours and about 80% volume while continuing playing. The device has a variety of sounds.


For using Fish Callers, the device attracts more and works on any type of fish. Just remember that, if you ever want to catch fish, catch only the big ones and those that you wanted. Don’t harm any other fish if you don’t plan on catching them on a legal basis. To get your Fish Call device last for a long period of time, store it in a secure place. Make sure that you clean the device after using it.


For overall conclusion, Fish call devices somewhat help fishermen catch more fish. It’ll not take too long for fish to recognize the vibration and sound made by it. By its unique production of sound any kinds of fish got attracted. Do not forget that when catching for a fish you should always know your limit. Choose what you only need then leave other fishes without harming them.


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