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The Best Shin Guards

The Best Shin Guards

For every football player, shin guards are a necessary part of the football equipment. Besides the fact that wearing shin guards is obligatory when playing football, they also protect you from serious injuries in the calf area.

You should therefore find out exactly which shin guard is right for you or your child. You can find information on this in our checklist. You can find a wide selection of shin guards in our product recommendations.

The 5 Best Shin Guards:

Checklist for Shin Guards:

Size and fit

  • Shin guards are available for adults and children.
  • Pay attention to the accuracy of fit when buying. The shin guard must rest properly on your shin. If the shin guard has only three or four contact points with your shin, it cannot distribute a possible impact evenly. Consequently, there is a higher risk of injury at the contact points.
  • The protectors are available in different sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL. Which one is optimal for you depends on your foot and body size.
  • Standard values for body size: XXS up to 120 cm, XS between 120 and 140 cm, S between 140 and 160 cm, M between 160 and 175 cm, L between 175 and 185 cm, XL between 185 and 195 cm.

Material and processing

  • The outer shell is the most important. In most models, it is made of solid plastic, or more precisely, hard plastic. In the premium range, you will find versions whose outer shell is made of carbon or fiberglass. These two materials offer the same or better protection, but weigh less and are therefore more comfortable to wear.
  • Also consider the shock-absorbing inner padding. This should be dermatologically tested and skin-friendly. Otherwise, the skin may be abraded or inflamed.
  • Furthermore, the degree of hardness must feel comfortable to you. A medium-hard inner padding is advisable, which on the one hand is hard enough not to dissolve, but on the other hand is soft enough to absorb shocks.
    Type and closure

There are shin guards with or without ankle protection.

  • Some football players feel their movement is severely restricted with ankle protection. However, the addition can reduce the risk of injury to the sensitive ankle area.
  • Experts recommend shin guards with removable ankle protection. Then you can omit the latter in training and use it in the game when you know things are going to get rough.
  • When it comes to fastening, you have two types to choose from: protectors with adjustable Velcro closures and protectors that are designed to stay in place with socks pulled over them. Most football players prefer the sock variant. Professionals often tape the top and bottom of the protectors for additional fixation.