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Shark Clip And Its Uses

Shark Clip And Its Uses

When you’re able to see and handle a shark clip, the first thing that might come to your mind is how it looks like a safety pin but in a bigger and sturdier version. You are somehow right about it! With the same purpose of a safety pin which is for fastening things together, but with shark clips, it is for floating lines in the water surface like oceans and especially for spearfishing. Asides from that there are other uses this shark clip offers.

Here is everything you need to know about Shark Clip in this article.

What is a shark clip?

In general, shark clips are mostly used for rigging utilization in ships or sailboats. But this size of clip is the most commonly used in spearfishing rigging. Before we go into that, what is spearfishing first? Spearfishing is considered as an artisanal fishing where the process or method of fishing mainly uses straight pointed objects like spear, gig or harpoon to pierce or stab running through marine species underwater. Nowadays, spearfishing is more advanced than before. It uses a mechanical compressed gas powered gun that is more powerful as it launches a striking underwater projectile that can spike through fishes, either big or small species.

You can do spearfishing using the techniques of freediving, snorkeling and scuba diving. But did you know that in some countries, spearfishing is considered an illegal activity. Why? Because of its dynamic mechanism, spearfishing can target the biggest and specific fishes and at some point, endangered species. This will result in the decline of marine ecological systems.

Nevertheless, spearfishing is still considered as either a recreational or commercial water sports activity that you can do while diving. And shark clip is one of its main components that will be attached at the bottom of the spear gun for added security or double rigging at the float line.

What is a shark clip used for?

Shark clip is mostly used in speargun which is one weapon you can use on spearfishing. But there are also other uses you can check that is indicated in the following:

  • It is suited generally for rigging applications.
  • It is mounted or connected at the bottom of the spear gun for float line connection.
  • This is also an Ideal size for buoy connections at the surface of the water.
  • It also has multiple uses in applications where high strength is required or needed.
  • It is also used extensively for securing fishing gear on kayaks.

Shark clips with incorporated swivels which are made usually from marine grade spring stainless are suitable for a variety of uses that can be available in 3 sizes.

  • Small size: Best used on weight belts or floats for clipping small things to it.
  • Medium: Commonly used on speargun handles.
  • Large: Best used on XL blue water floats or blue water spearguns handles.

How to tie a shark clip on the back of a speargun for spearfishing?

There are spear guns in the shops or online marketplace that don’t come with shark clips attached to them or you want to change the older clip with a newer one. So in this guide you will learn how to attach or replace it.

1. First thing to do is get a 2mm dyneema rope. It is recommended in attaching shark clips as it is strong enough to hold the rig of the spear gun. Cut it in 60 cm length. This will give you enough length to tie it around the bottom of the spear gun. Burn the ends of the rope with the use of a lighter to secure the loose thread.

2. Put the rope through the ring at the base of the gun and then through the shark clip. Do it twice for added more strength on the places where there are the intersections so that if there will be a big tug or pull, it will be averaged at two points instead of one.

3. Start tying the first knot when all the rope loops are leveled. Wrap the other end around the leveled loop. On the third loop, you can tuck the end through and it will interlock as it crosses. This will tighten when you move or roll it close to the base of the gun about 3cm away. A little crisscross loop will form.

4. Repeat the process for the second knot. This time it will be closed to the shark clip. This time on the opposing side. After tying the second knot, leave at least half centimeter and cut it. You can burn the end too. To make sure it’s secure enough, you can use needle nose pliers to tighten the shark clip and the rope. And now it is ready to attach your spear gun to the float line.


Using a shark clip is an essential part of the spear gun to fasten it to your float line. You can buy guns with attached shark clips already but in any case it is not available, you can always do it on your own. With this, you can now enjoy spearfishing while scuba diving without the worry that it will be disconnected when you catch the biggest fish in your life!


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