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Outdoors Magazine has made it its mission to accompany you in your active life. You will find great articles and product recommendations about diving, fishing, camping, gardening and all outdoor activities.

Our editors are active themselves and share their knowledge and experience with you.

Our authors


William is a particular fan of extreme sports. He loves the thrill. Therefore, he is always on the lookout for the small and big adventures.

He does not commit himself to any activity, but lives the moment and tries everything he feels like. He shares his experiences with you in our articles.


Daniel likes to be outside. Most of all with a ball or his hiking boots.

When it comes to soccer, Daniel enjoys the community and playing together on the field. He finds a balance in hiking in nature. He shares his tips with you in Outdoors Magazine and hopes to inspire you with these activities as well.


Water is Julie’s favorite element. She is an experienced diver and loves swimming for her life. In the water she feels free and weightless.

She is very fond of diving because it gives her the opportunity to get to know the water world and its inhabitants in a very special way.


Max is a passionate camper. Whether tent, bus or caravan – he has tried everything.

He does not have a particular preference for one type of travel. Each one has its appeal to him. He shares the best tips and experiences of his travels with you in Outdoors Magazine.