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5 Important Air Plant Care Instructions To Consider

5 Important Air Plant Care Instructions To Consider

What Is An Air Plant?

Air plants, or also called “Tillandsia” , is a common ornamental plant used to decorate offices, rooms, and other indoor spaces. This type of plant does not require soil to grow, they are considered as epiphytes, it means they grow in another host or objects and they use it as a vessel of their growth, survival, and existence. But despite their ability to disregard soil as the natural source of nutrients, air plants still need proper care because they also require nutrients from water, light, and air. The way air plants capture their nutrients is through tiny vessels present in their leaves called trichomes.

Air Plant Care Instructions

Air plants basically need attention for them to be healthy and last for a couple of years. Through these instructions you will understand how to dwell with air plants and to produce the most beautiful and healthy air plants to decorate your rooms.

1. Environment Of Your Air Plants

The first thing to consider is the place or the environment where you plan to grow your air plants. If you live in a place where the temperature is hot and the environment is dry you need to water the air plants often, but if you live in a cold environment it means the temperature can provide moisture enough for the air plants to get nutrients and grow with less attention to water assistance.

2. Light For Your Air Plant

All plants require light to grow and survive, if you are growing your air plant indoors you need to at least put them in a location where they can get enough sunlight for about 2-3 hours everyday. So putting them near the window is definitely a preferable choice.

3. Air Plants Need Water

To water your air plants you use the method called “dunking method”, it is a method where you hold your air plant and dunk it in a bowl of water and safely shake off the excess water. Avoid putting your plant in a long period of time in the water as it will cause the roots to rot and also the leaves and can lead to the death of your air plant. Another method is you can also just soak it in a container for 10-20 minutes and just let it dry afterwards.

4. Air Plants Need Good Air

In order for your air plant to grow healthy it also requires a good air circulation. After watering your air plant it needs 4 hours before it can completely dry. You must also avoid putting them in a close container as it will greatly affect the air circulation of your air plants.

5. Fertilize Your Air Plants

Air plants definitely need fertilizers, although they are sensitive but you can use low copper content fertilizers. Just give your air plants a touch of indoor fertilizer once a month.

6. Trim Your Air Plants

After some time your air plants will grow more and also produce longer leaves, some will also become dry and brown. You can trim them to maintain the weight of your plant and also remove the dead leaves to make it elegant and healthy looking all the time.


Air plants are easy to grow, and to maintain their beautiful elegance as decoratives it only takes simple steps to keep them beautiful and enchanting. So what are you waiting for? You can start anytime,and anywhere since air plants can be grown without expertise in gardening. It is simple, but naturally wonderful. Get one now, and give them the care they need and they will give you in return a taste of nature and a glimpse of its wonders.

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