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6 Beautiful Elephant Ear Plants You Need To Grow Indoors

6 Beautiful Elephant Ear Plants You Need To Grow Indoors

What Is An Elephant Ear Plant?

“Elephant ear” plants are the common name for a type of herbaceous class in the “Araceae” family that are grown as ornamentals under the genera “Colocasia”, “Alocasia”, and “Xanthosoma”. These are beautiful plants that can add wonders to your home. They are called elephant ears because of their leaves’ appearance that resembles the ear of an elephant, or a heart-shaped form.

6 Types of Elephant Ear Plant

These are the best types of Elephant ear plants most people grow in their garden. This will help you choose which ones to grow to improve the natural wonders inside your home.

1. Colocasia Esculenta “Diamond Head” (Taro)

This is the type of elephant ear plant that grows best in containers. The diamond head prospers best in heat and humidity. It grows about 3 to 4 feet tall and with leaves that measure 2 feet. The black feature on top of its leaves and the purple-like color below glow best when it is under the sun. It is definitely a good choice to grow this type of elephant ear plant because it will showcase the essential spectrum your home desperately needs.

2. Colocasia Esculenta “White Lava”

“White Lava” is the type of elephant ear plant that showcases the tropical features of nature. It is composed of the creamy-white layer in its leaves and a purple in the center that also connects the purple-like color of its stem that speaks of elegance. This can be grown in the container and best in corner positions inside your home. With its glossy, heart-shaped, and fresh leaves, this can brighten your home and provide a stress-free ambiance. White Lava will definitely improve the nature-like wonders your indoor house obviously needs. What are you waiting for? Grab one now!

3. Calocasia Esculenta “Gigantea”

The “Gigantea” is the type of elephant ear that grows up to 4-6 feet tall. This is the biggest among the types of Colocasia plants. It grows best in containers and moist to wet soils. This is perfect to put near the windows as it produces a perfume-like fragrance and can add a tropical vibrance to your house, additionally, the Gigantea also requires sunlight so putting it near the windows is a good choice. The greeny-like color of its leaves transforms your house into a refreshing sense of nature. Getting one never seems like a bad choice!

4. Alocasia “Calidora”

“Calidora” is also a huge type of elephant ear plant. Its leaves form a vase shape and can grow up to 3 feet wide. It can also grow full in the sun and continuously needs moist soil. This is suitable in your living room for it can improve the natural feels that will significantly enhance the decorative appearance inside your house. The arrow-shaped ribbed leaves look cool and fit perfectly indoors. You definitely need to get one of these.

5. Alocasia “Regal Shield”

The “Regal Shield” is a new type of Alocasia. It is a new hybrid of elephant ear plants, with its predecessors the combination of the ‘Black Velvet “ and ”Odora “, being dramatic in its color. The leaves are the reason why it is ideal for wall decorations as it adds a beautiful appearance in the vicinity of your home, with its glossy green and a purple-like color on top signifies the benefits of bringing nature inside your house. Having one of these is definitely a must!

6. Alocasia “Mayan Mask”

“Mayan Mask” is a type of elephant ear that grows up to 4-6 feet and its leaves point upward, unlike the colocasia that points to the ground. This grows best in a container and is perfect for producing a lush tropical ambiance that can transform your house into a stress-free home. The upside leaves that show a grassy green color deliver pleasant imagery, including its chocolate-like color underside. So having one of these inside your house is definitely a great choice!


Plants are full of surprising benefits. Elephant ears are one of those that bring a sense of completion in terms of decorative purposes and having one of them can certainly acquire wonders both in your physical and emotional aspects. Conclusively, these plants will bring natural benefits to your house that will give you the comfort you will always be longing for.

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