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6 Easy Steps In Growing Lavender Plants Indoors

6 Easy Steps In Growing Lavender Plants Indoors

What Is A Lavender Plant?

Lavender plants are common in Europe and are widely used for medicinal, practical, and therapeutic purposes. The name of the plant comes from the Latin word “Lavare” meaning “to wash”. The Roman influence played an essential role in the derivation of its name since they used the Lavender plant for washing their clothes, hair, beds, and bathing because of its aromatic smell. Its history can be traced through the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Indian influence around 2500 years ago. Lavender belongs to the mint family commonly known for its culinary, herbal, and aromatic uses. It is easy to grow Lavender plants inside your house, and with the help of these simple and easy steps, you can successfully grow healthy numbers of Lavender plants to add fragrance and beauty to your home.

6 Easy Steps In Growing Healthy Lavender Plants:

These are the steps that helped many people from growing their Lavender plants healthy and beautiful. So just simply follow these steps and you will have an outstanding result!

1. Grow Your Lavender Indoors From A Seed

Growing your Lavender plant from a seed is an advantage since it is inexpensive, totally fun, and challenging. After choosing a variety of seeds you want to grow, prepare a simple and shallow tray where you put your seeds. Also, take note to cover it only with a small amount of soil, and keep it as moist as possible, but don’t overly make it wet. After placing it from a tray, the seeds need a warm temperature between 65 and 70 degrees ℉ or 18-21 ℃, so it is advisable to put them outside where they can be touched by the sunlight to keep them warm and to avoid getting them wet. Growing your Lavender plant from a seed is easy but requires patience and time since it takes 2 or 3 years before it produces a flower, so just be patient and add extra spaces for your seed trays.

2. Choose The Right Soil (PH between 6.5 to 8)

Lavender plants commonly grow in the Mediterranean soil, and to maintain their natural growth if you are growing the Lavender plant outside the Mediterranean area, it is important to acknowledge the right composition of soil you use to grow your Lavender plant. Experts say to mix soil with both sand and gravel mainly 30% coarse sand or gravel to 70% organic potting soil. To achieve perfect and healthy growth of your Lavender plant it is highly important to achieve a replica of its natural soil which is rich in alkaline. So find ways to mix soil and give your Lavender plant a sense of its natural home.

3. Fertilize The Soil

It is also very important to always fertilize the soil every 4 to 6 weeks using a water-soluble fertilizer especially if it is Spring or Summer season. So give your Lavender plant the support it needs by fertilizing its soil to grow just as lovely as your expectations of beautifying your indoors with its wonderful presence.

4. Choose An Appropriate Size For Its Pot

Pots are very important in growing your Lavender plant indoors, and choosing the right size and quality plays an important role in the health and growth of your Lavender plants. After growing your Lavender plant from a seed a year or half, you can transfer them to a specific size of pots where you can continue to maintain their flourishing growth and sustain the comfort of growing them indoors. Furthermore, avoid using oversized pots and just use the right sizes depending on your own preference. It is advisable to also use the one with holes at the bottom so the water will simply flow through the lavender and not get stuck inside where it can make the soil wet and damage the health of the plant.

5. Water It Perfectly

Now that you have the perfect size and quality of your pots for your Lavender plant, the next easy step is to learn how to water it perfectly. Firstly, drench it completely when watering and let the soil dry as possible, but not withered, and also maintain the moist texture. Secondly, you can check the condition of the soil by touching it using your finger so you can manage to maintain the moist quality the Lavender plant needs. Additionally, when you move the lavender plant outside to give it a warm touch from the sunlight, please be mindful that it will dry fast, and it needs attention, so water it with love, effort, and perfection.

6. Putting Your Lavender In A Perfect Spot

It is important to consider the perfect spot for your Lavender plant, this means that it should be in a location where it can get direct sunlight for about 4 hrs in one day.

Lack of sunlight can cause the plant to grow weak, suspend itself to produce flowers, and become more vulnerable to diseases. Moreover, it is ideal to put it in a south-facing position, it could be outdoors positioned to seize sunlight and just transfer it indoors when it gets enough light and warmth, or near the window where it can catch the sunlight effortlessly inside your home.


Lavender plants are beautiful and can put elegance and wonders inside your home. They can also produce aromatic fragrances and can help reduce anxiety and stress. Additionally, Lavender plants can give you many benefits particularly in health, decoration, ambiance, and beauty. Growing them indoors is easy, but it also requires knowledge, effort, and patience to give them the love and the care they require. These easy steps can successfully help you grow healthy Lavender plants to help you live your life with nature, good health, and natural elegance.


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