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5 Types Of Garden Trellis For Your Outdoor Space

Trellis or also known as “trelliage” is an architectural structure that is typically made from an open framework or lattice of interwoven or intersecting pieces of wood, bamboo, or metal and is used to support and display climbing plants, particularly shrubs. Trellises were once considered garden art. They were intended to be aesthetically pleasing even when no vines or plants grew on them to provide support.

Working for King Louis XIV in France, landscape architect Andre Le Notre created the elaborate garden at Versailles, which is regarded as one of the world’s finest, if not the grandest, formal French gardens. Trellises and other outdoor structures added a sense of architecture to the landscape, as well as formality and scale.


Garden Trellis with Pergolas include reinforcing pillars which can be used to put up roof-like constructions and provide calm spaces in the landscape.


Whatever the season, these structures can add a unique flair to your garden. The importance of design and placement cannot be overstated. Spend some time in your garden deciding what style and scale structure would work best with your home and landscape. These structures are typically made of wood that has been painted or stained to withstand the elements. Steel and plastic versions are also available, and if the style suits your garden, they are a good choice.

Lattice Trellis

This type of Garden Trellis is an excellent starting point for many other types of outdoor trellises. It’s built of sturdy lattice panels with artificial columns as accents. A lattice trellis supports spreading vines, adding depth to the structure with deep-dark shadows. It serves as a connecting element by covering the sides of two neighboring buildings.

Flat Trellis

Flat Trellis are frequently used to define a space or to provide privacy. They can stand alone or be attached to a wall or posts. Although they are sometimes permanently placed, they are also relatively easy to move around the garden if you want to experiment with different effects. Flat trellises include wood lattice panels, metal trellises of various types, and plastic mesh trellises.

Wooden Trellis

Using this type of Garden Trellis you can make the wooden trellis into any shape, size, or design you want. Remember to use spacers to create a gap between the two structures to prevent water damage.

Uses of Garden Trellis

A garden trellis is a basic, simple structure of vertical supports and horizontal cross sections that can teach crops to produce up and also against an item, including such shrubs, small or young trees, or vines, to rise and against it. It can be used as an accent piece in a garden or as a privacy screen when it fills in. A trellis is typically made of an open framework, similar to lattice, through which plants can be supported or woven.

Benefits of Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis offers many advantages, such as being able to prop it up against walls and adding additional depth to your landscape. This transforms any dull, lifeless corner into one brimming with olivine vitality.
It can also make plants get more sunshine exposure.

The plant will develop and produce well as a result of this. Improve the overall quality of the fruit or foliage the plant does not rot before harvest. Promotes the health of crops.Pruning and fertilizer application become less difficult. Proper circulation reduces disease incidence and spread. Plants are better prepared to withstand strong winds, which could have caused damage.

Can you make your own Garden Trellis?

Probably yes, you can make your own Garden Trellis. Trellises are easy to make out of lightweight wood that you might already have in your supply shed, garage, or back garden. A trellis, whether purchased or built, must be strong enough to support the weight of plants as they grow and mature, as well as durable enough to withstand wind, rain, and snow. To make your own Garden Trellis, these are the materials that will help make your own Garden Trellis: Wood, wrought iron, strong synthetics or plastics, monofilament (fishing wire), wire


Before putting your own trellis in your Garden you should have enough space and a strong ground for your trellis. A trellis structure can be used to define the perimeter of a garden area. Set up the trellis along the back edge of your garden to form a border. Vine plants can be grown along the back edge of the garden, with other plants in the front portion of the bed. Be careful if you’re making your own Garden Trellis especially if you’re using wires.


Garden Trellis are not just helpful but it also adds beauty to your Garden. You design your own Garden Trellis as well. It’s fun to do some work while imagining what design you will make for your trellis. Making your own trellis can somehow lessen your stress because you’ll enjoy making it.

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