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How To Care Your Coffee Plants At Home

How To Care Your Coffee Plants At Home

What Is a Coffee Plant?

Coffee plants, commonly known as “Coffea arabica,” are blooming shrubs and tree branches that are endemic to tropical regions such as Southern Africa and Asia. It is cultivated for the purpose of producing coffee beans, which are then brewed, blended, and distributed. But having Coffee Plant as a houseplant, you will not be able to harvest its beans first thing in the morning! Given the ideal conditions and environment, it will take three to five years for a few flowers to form and produce coffee beans. Few beans but it will be fun to try roasting it!

6 Coffee Plant Care Instructions

Coffee plants basically need attention for them to be healthy and last for a couple of years. Here’s the guide to make your coffee plants stay healthy, shiny and green at home.

1. Suitable Environment Of Your Coffee Plants

You have to consider that the coffee plants grow in tropical environments where there is no frost, plenty of sunlight and adequate water. Having this as a potted plant indoors, you have to mimic the environment.

2. Sunlight for your Coffee Plant

Coffee Plants love bright light! But a big no to a direct exposure to the sun as it will fry the leaves and the plant itself. It will be best to place it near the sunny window at least 2 meters away and again, avoid direct sunlight especially at noon!

3. Coffee Plants Need Water

Coffee, like any other indoor plant, needs a minimal amount of water to remain healthy. Regular watering like once a week is recommended and less during winter. Keep the soil moist but avoid getting the roots soak in water. Do not let it also dry as the plant will droop if it’s under-watered. You can check by touching the top soil with the tip of your fingers. If it feels dry, time to water it.

4. Coffee Plants Need Proper Temperature and Humidity

Just like any other tropical plants, keep it warm and humid! So ideally it needs to stay between 60°-75°F and it can suffer if temperature drops to 42°F. Coffee plants also thrive in high humid conditions and leaf tips or edges might start to brown if the air is too dry. By boosting humidity in the area, it will keep the plants green and healthy. You can put a wet gravel or pebble tray near the plant to create more humidity around the area.

5. Fertilize Your Coffee Plants

Coffee plants definitely need fertilizers, you can use weak liquid types of fertilizer or balanced houseplant fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the warmer season to keep your plants healthy. Do not fertilize during winter and fall.

6. Common Problems

Rotting Root – over watering or stagnant water at the root part of the plant can cause root rot. Check the potting container for water clog and remove the dead roots and repot if necessary. Before watering, check if the top inch of the soil is dry before putting in a small amount of water at a time.
Brown Leaf Spot- fungal diseases can cause leaf spot. To treat this problem, trim off the affected leaves and stems.

Leaf Drop/Fall – this is the effect of fungal diseases and root rot. The cause might be too much water and excessive sun exposure. If you check that your soil is in good condition, better to place your plants further away from the window.

Growing Coffee Plants at home can be fussy but with correct care, coffee plants are a super easy plant to grow. With the right light, water, and humidity, it’s a welcome addition to your home.

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