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5 Best Indoor Plant Shelf You Should Know

5 Best Indoor Plant Shelf You Should Know

Your plant babies provide you with so much delight on a daily basis, so why not treat them like royalty by putting them in the spotlight and showcasing their beauty? Plant shelves look great in every room of the house, including the office, bedroom, and even the bathroom. You can’t go wrong whether you fill your shelf entirely with green companions or mix in other decorative components. We’ve compiled a list of 5 Indoor plant shelves for you to be creative in your plant arrangements.

What is a Plant Shelf?

Plant shelves help to secure and provide assistance to your indoor plants. It is also an excellent furniture element for organizing your area. Rather than placing planters on the ground, utilize stacked shelves to enhance your plants and remove unnecessary floor space. Organizing your tiny planters onto shelves will enable you to make additional room outside for mature plants.

1. Modern Plant Shelf

Ordinary hardwood boards can also be used to make this stylish and sophisticated plant shelf. This is what modern planters commonly use for their plants in their own room because it looks simple and has the aesthetic vibe that makes you relaxed.

2. Hanging Plant Shelf

A floating plant shelf is the greatest option for you if you enjoy seeing your plants dangling from your walls. There are plants that require a hanging plant shelf such as pothos and spider plants. It needs to be hung around because this type of plant grows downwards.
Here is the list in which you can place your hanging plants.

  • In a Sitting Area or Room. Hanging plants are especially helpful in bringing modern, streamlined spaces to life. …
  • Nestled in a Reading Nook. …
  • In Place of Wall Art. …
  • On a Small Patio. …
  • Tucked in a Living Room Corner. …
  • In a Nursery. …
  • In a Spacious Hallway. …
  • Greeting Guests in a Foyer.

3. Giant Wooden Peg Board

Most plant lovers use wooden peg boards to place their plants indoors, this is because peg boards can hold large sizes of plants that look good on the wall. If you love bamboo, lavender or jasmine plants you can hang them on a pegboard and even if it grows a bit bigger the pegboard can still accommodate the size and weight of the plants. They’re completely out of the way on a pegboard, and they’re often angled to get a certain proper amount of sunshine, transforming them into spontaneous wall art.

4. Floating Corner Shelves

Floating shelves have earned a reputation as the shelving industry’s top dog. Floating shelves save room while providing adequate storage and looking excellent in any area. The ceiling fittings are concealed behind the shelf platform and there are no apparent supporting brackets on floating shelves. Not to be confused with corner shelves, which require completely different supports to “float.”
The best floating shelves can solve a whole host of storage problems in small spaces. You can definitely make some room for your indoor plants and create a decorative display in the living room. Floating shelves are handy, simple to install, and look cool on your wall.

5. Hexagon Honeycomb Shelves

This type of plant shelf is famous for its structure and creativity. It has become a trend in this modern-day and people use it in different ways but the most common one is as a plant shelf. If you have a lot of small plants like cactus, Pilea, Air Plant, etc, you can display them on the hexagon honeycomb shelves. It will definitely highlight the beauty of your indoor plants.

You can make your own plant shelf or order online but most certainly, plants can never go wrong on any type of plant shelf.

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