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  9. A Step by Step Guide: 6 Easy Steps on How To Curl Your Bamboo Plants

A Step by Step Guide: 6 Easy Steps on How To Curl Your Bamboo Plants

A Step by Step Guide: 6 Easy Steps on How To Curl Your Bamboo Plants

What is a Bamboo Plant?

Bamboo Plants also known as “Lucky Bamboo” is popularly used as a home decor or a decorative plant in office space. It is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity especially if it is gifted. Varying number of stalks have different meanings but the curly or spiraled plants are considered the most lucky.
These are the steps on how to easily train and curl your Bamboo Plants. You have to remember that you need to use young Bamboo plants as mature ones have sturdier stems that will be hard to train.

Things Needed

  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Grow light or Sunny window
  • Bamboo Plant


Step 1

Get a box that is big enough for your Bamboo plants. Make sure that it will not entirely touch the top part of the box. Cut one side and the bottom of the box using scissors.

Step 2

Place your Bamboo Plants in a location that receives indirect sunlight like a window or you can grow light.

Step 3

Cover the cardboard box you cut over the plant. Make sure that the open area facing the light.

Step 4

The process is that the young bamboo plants will grow in search of the light source. Normally care for your plants as per instruction. It will be best to replace the water of the container every week to stop bacteria and molds from growing.

Step 5

When you see the Bamboo Plant appear to curl, you can turn the plant one inch at a time. Designs and styles will be depending on what you like to have.

As soon as you see a new curl, keep on turning the plants in the same direction and location so that the young plant will constantly seek the light direction.

Making your own curly Bamboo Plant is relatively easy. Although it takes a long time to complete and might not be good for impatience, training and curling your own Bamboo Plant is an easy and rewarding project!

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