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Bird of Paradise Plant Indoor Care: 5 Easy Tips

What is a bird of paradise plant?

The Bird of Paradise comes across South Africa, as the flower blossoms. It is also a foliage that resembles small banana leaves with long petioles and it creates a shape similar to a tropical bird in flight. The flower of the Bird of Paradise represents happiness and paradise. Whether you’ve found love with the bird of paradise plant’s elegance, it can also be used as a potted plant. Given sufficient daylight and favorable circumstances, the shrub will create a tropical oasis in your living area decor. The bird-of-paradise flower grows from rhizomes (underground stems) to a height of 1 to 1.5 meters (about 3 to 5 feet). The blades are stiff, upright, leathery, curved, and oval, with a lengthy petiole (leafstalk). The leaves are bluish green in color and may have a red midrib.

Bird of Paradise Plant Indoor Care

These are the simple care guide for a thriving Bird of Paradise Plant and some easy tips and tricks for healthier foliage and robust growth. These are the 5 easy tips on how you care for your paradise plant indoors and these will help you to become more aware on how you can take care of it.

Tip 1: Sunlight

Keep in mind that it’s a tropical plant. Inadequate sunshine is by far the most common reason that a bird of paradise indoors does not blossom, and it requires very intense sunlight for photosynthesis and blossom at its finest. Also, when the temperature is changed, ensure to move your Bird of Paradise plant to separate segments of your house to give it the proper lighting it requires.The best place for it is close to a south-facing window. They can endure moderate light circumstances, but they might not grow in the long run if they do not receive enough exposure.

Tip 2: Water

A consistent hydration routine is recommended for bird of paradise plants. Water it every 1-2 weeks, expect to water more often in brighter light and less often in lower light. Pro tip: Do not try to let the soil dry completely through the pot, paradise plants can benefit from filtered water or water left out overnight before using a high salt content could burn the leaves. If you find your bird of paradise’s foliage falling or bending, it’s an indication that it needs to be watered. A solution for this is to use rainwater or distilled water.

Tip 3: Soil, Feeding & Temperature

The sites where the Bird of Paradise shrub thrives exhibit and illustrate that it isn’t finicky about soil. However, it grows best in rich, loamy, well-drained areas. Because it’s its relaxation phase, ensure soils could also keep more wetness, don’t nurture your Bird of Paradise plant in the colder seasons. When it’s not completely essential, don’t feed your shrub. Biofertilizers, such as sewage sludge, manure, or blood meal, are the greatest fertilizers for plants.

Tip 4: Pests & Pruning

Mealy Bugs, spider mites, and scale are all threats to the Bird of Paradise plant. A homemade spray with mild, natural dish soap & water will help wipe away these pests. Alcohol, leaf shine, or any spray insecticide should never be used as they will harm the foliage’ matte appearance. And it doesn’t require much pruning at all. You just need to cut off any dead flowers and damaged leaves and stems. Be sure to take it all the way down or as close to the soil.

Tip 5: Diseases & Toxicity

Bird of Paradise leaves is prone to a plant disease called Leaf Spot, which is caused by either a fungus or a bacterium. Immediately cut out infected leaves, check if there are any leaf pieces in the soil, and avoid getting water on the leaves. The toxicity rating of the plant is #1, which implies it might be somewhat irritating, particularly the sap.


Bird paradise plants are beautiful and can put elegance and wonders inside your home. Independence, uniqueness, elegance, devotion, pleasure, and paradise are just a few of the attributes associated with the flower. They can also produce aromatic fragrances and can help reduce anxiety and stress. Furthermore, with its brilliant brightness and warm vibe, the Bird of Paradise plant, which has an Exotic blossom, can allow you to feel cheerful. The large green leaves are good for air circulation and purification due to their size.

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