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What Is A Full-face Diving Mask? Everything You Need To Know

What Is A Full-face Diving Mask? Everything You Need To Know

Full-face diving mask – is a diving equipment that normally covers the entire face of the diver allowing them to have the opportunity to breathe in both nasal and mouth. This device is commonly used by the navy force and professional divers for better execution and diving operations. The innovations of the mask is a combination of modern day technological advancements and traditional methods of diving.

It is composed of a mask lens that is large enough to cover the diver’s face, a frame, and straps. The idea of the mask was invented by the French-Navy in 1933 named Yves le Prieur. There are many versions of the full-face mask including the one with the snorkel attached that are used in tourist spots for ocean swimming and coral reef diving, and other models such as the KM-48 and Draeger Panorama used by the navy for military operations.

Although, the main reason for its invention is for military purposes for elite navy personnel to execute their operations in deep or shallow waters with great convenience to avoid failure and a better diving performance.

What Are The Major Benefits Of A Full-face Mask In Diving?

Experts and professional diving instructors are always using the full-face mask especially in deep diving locations and reef areas of the ocean for better execution. There are many benefits of using a full-face mask when you are planning to dive in deep waters. Let’s look at the essential advantages of full-face masks.

Your Face Is Protected By The Cold Water

There are areas where the water is colder than the normal temperature, and it definitely affects the diver if not solved by any equipment. Good thing there is a mask that covers and protects the whole area of the diver’s face from the cold water that might hinder the health of the diver. This is a great advantage for using the mask.

Breathing Is Easy with Full-face Mask

The most valuable advantage of this mask is the upper hand of giving the diver the ability to breath so easily underwater. Moreover, because the whole face is being covered by the mask it gives the advantage of breathing from both nasal and mouth. This implies the convenience of using the full-face mask in diving.

How to communicate with Full-face Mask

Communication is very important in every activity. This gives you and your companion the advantage to understand each other in order to have better diving activity. In some cases, there are expert divers who dive in deep waters to investigate a shipwreck and it is very important to have communication with the team on the surface, normally staying in their ship/boat keeping track of the diver below.

The mask enables the divers to speak even when they have their mask on and diving deep underwater. This is definitely a great benefit of the full-face mask.

You Can Add Prescription Lens If You Are Needing An Eye Glass

This is one of the best features of this mask. It has a feature where you can add your eye glass by putting your own prescription glasses with its own frame and insert it easily in the mask and also it is detachable. What makes it more convenient is you don’t have to worry about putting a contact lens when you are diving underwater because of this great feature.

What Are The Advantages Of Full-face Mask When Submerged Underwater?

There are also substantial advantages of using a full-face mask even when you are under the water. You can do a number of things with the mask so easily because it is made for flexibility and breaking the limited actions we can do underwater. The following advantages are listed below:

  • Can easily clear the flooding of water in the mask.
  • Can be cleared and removed underwater for inspection and fixing.
  • Can be switched from a different type of mask.
  • Can be used for oxygen assistance.

What Are The Basic Assembly Of The Full-face Mask?

The full-face mask is quite complicated and sophisticated in its construction. It is made of numerous parts, thus making it more suitable in deep diving and recommended by professionals and diving experts. The parts of the full-face mask are listed below such as:

  • Systematic Frame
  • Plate/Lens
  • Sealing components
  • Band mask
  • Band or strap
  • Mouthpiece
  • Nasal and oral breathing mask


The full-face mask definitely changes the way scuba diving is done. It becomes one of the most important tools in diving, especially in deep underwater operations. The benefits and advantages the full-face mask offers are huge and incomparable making our water capabilities far more effective and remarkable. This only suggests that human innovations are getting more and more beneficial and sophisticated in the modern day.


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