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What Is A Scuba Mask? Everything You Need To Know Before Diving

Scuba diving is a great source of enjoyable activities for leisure. It is a great step for human discoveries in the ocean, or even a means of rescue. Among the diving equipment, one of the most essential tools is the scuba mask or the diving mask. Without it, we cannot see underwater, and explorations and discoveries would mean nothing but impossibilities.

Diving is a significant experience that helps us see the beauty underwater and the formations of corals and reefs that shine like the marvel of the famous myth Atlantis. It can make us realize the vastness of the ocean or the depths of the rivers and lakes. And also opens our understanding of what’s living underneath. But diving underwater requires equipment such as scuba gears and substantial diving tools.

Scuba mask protects our eyes and face from the cold water and it allows us to see even when we are underwater. It is one of the greatest inventions in the history of diving and underwater activities. There are different classifications: the full-face mask and the traditional mask that covers only the eyes and the nose. The full-face mask is commonly used by professional divers and navy personnel for military operations.

What Is The Purpose Of The Scuba Mask?

There are many functions of the scuba or diving mask. When the human eyes are in contact with the water, the vision is greatly affected resulting in many implications such as having a blurred images due to the effects of hypermetropia. It is a state of eye’s vision from which things that are seen from far distance are clearer, but closer objects are blurry. This helps in many reasons such:

  • Allowing divers to see underwater.
  • Protection of the eyes.
  • Protection of the face.
  • Giving the eyes enough air space because of the window that divides the water from the eyes, avoiding far-sightedness.

What Are The Compositions Of The Scuba Mask?

The scuba mask is composed of a tempered glass. In the full-face mask, the tempered glass is full-shaped. And mainly in a circular structure or oval shape, with a size large enough to cover the whole face.

The traditional half mask, which covers only the eyes and the nose, is mainly composed of two lenses that focus only on the eyes of the diver. Although in some cases like freediving, a mask is composed of “thermoplastic polymers”. The second composition of the scuba mask is the frame. Frames are normally made of a plastic material that supports the lenses. It is responsible for the entire formation of the mask.

The third one is known as “skirt”. It is usually made of rubber material that supports the frame and seals the entire mask from leakage. The color could be transparent or black depending on the product or diver’s preference. And the last one is a “strap”. It is made of rubber material that holds the mask in the wearer’s face and normally adjusted for comfort and steadiness.

What Are The Things To Consider When Choosing A Scuba Mask?

There are many key-factors to consider when choosing your own scuba mask. It will dictate the result of your entire diving experience and the right mask with your personal preferences is significantly important for better enjoyment and experience.

Most experienced divers are recommending the right fit of scuba mask including the size, the shape, and the types of scuba mask that will fit your face. A perfect fit is a great sign of a perfect dive. The second factor in choosing the right scuba mask is the price. There are many scuba masks that look fancy but have the same application and overall importance.

A mask that serves its purpose with a low price is a good choice. The last one is choosing the right type of scuba mask. As mentioned above, there are two types, a full-face mask is commonly used by professional divers. While the half-mask is normally used for leisure.

If you opt to use a scuba mask for leisure, a half-mask is the perfect one for you. But it does not mean that you are not eligible to use the full-face mask. A full-face mask might cost an extra amount for leisure, so it is recommended than the half-mask, since it is still considered to be a perfect type for a fun and wonderful scuba diving experience.


Scuba diving is an enjoyable pursuit and requires major equipment for perfect experience. A mask is a significant tool for diving. It allows you to see underwater and protects your eyes, nose, and face from the cold water and other unwanted contaminants.

It is made with sophisticated details and advanced technological modifications to expand the human capabilities when submerged underneath the surface of the ocean, river, lake, and any other bodies of water.


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