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  7. 13 Must-See Attractions in Yosemite National Park

13 Must-See Attractions in Yosemite National Park

13 Must-See Attractions in Yosemite National Park

All About Yosemite National Park

Artists, mountaineers, and outdoor enthusiasts have long found Yosemite to be a source of inspiration. Ansel Adams’ spectacular black-and-white images of Yosemite, which began in the 1920s, brought the park’s majestic scenery and renowned landmarks to the forefront like never before. Yosemite is a point of birth; the region is so wonderful and mysterious that it seems as if simply being there gives you a sense of eternity. Yosemite National Park includes nearly 1,200 square miles of mountainous scenery, including high cliffs, deep valleys, tall waterfalls, ancient giant sequoias, and a large wilderness. There are millions of tourists who visit Yosemite each year to experience its beauty and its many opportunities for enjoyment.

13 Must-See Attractions in Yosemite National Park:

Here are the great attractions you should visit in Yosemite, and you will definitely love them and you will definitely list them on your bucket lists. Read it Now!

1. Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls, is the world’s fifth tallest waterfall in the world and one of the most memorable and striking features in Yosemite Valley. Upper Yosemite Fall, at 1,430 feet, the mid cascades, at 675 feet, and Bottom Yosemite Fall, at 320 feet, are the three independent falls. It is also a 7.6-mile-long hike before you reach Yosemite fall but if you already got there it will be worth the while. And you can actually walk right to the base of the falls with minimal effort and feel the mist sweeping over you. Also, it is picture-perfect because of the unique view that everyone would love.

2. Half Dome

Half Dome is one of the famous sites and a well-known climbing word that is being one of the first “big climbs”. You can also see it in the distance from Tunnel View but the best place to view it is from Glacier Point. If you are an adventurous kind of person and you like to face your fears, Half Dome is perfect for you. Many people appreciate it because of the well-known rock formation in the park but most hikers take 10 to 12 hours to hike to Half Dome and back. Climbing to the summit of Half Dome is a typical but difficult day walk that requires permission. You must have a very good level of physical fitness before climbing Half Dome.

3. El Capitán

El Capitan, upon the northern side of Yosemite Valley, is famous for its 3,000-foot sheer rock wall. When the Mariposa Battalion discovered the area in 1851, they dubbed the landmark “El Capitan.” It was also a brutal challenge in rock climbing, and El Capitan gained interest with the free solo climb of Alex Honnold in June of 2017 which he is the first person to climb El Capitan without rope and unaided. This view is perfect for capturing pictures and many people are amazed by its unique breathtaking beauty.

4. Tunnel View

Tunnel View offers a scenic viewpoint and a breathtaking snapshot of Yosemite Valley. With Half Dome in the backdrop, you can already see El Capitan and Bridalveil Fall soaring from Yosemite Valley. It’s an incredible sight and you can appreciate the beauty of it because the walls are mostly in shadow. The best time to appreciate this scene is in the afternoon when the walls are bathed in sunlight.

5. Glacier Point

Glacier Point is one of Yosemite’s outstanding overlooks and is a must-see attraction. It can take you a while to get here from Yosemite Village but it’s worth the hour drive. It also provides the best views in the park and is only a short walk on a paved path to several spectacular overlooks with incredible views. It’s short, and one of the easiest hikes in Yosemite and it’s about a 15-30 minutes hike before you get there.

6. Tuolumne Meadows

Tuolumne Meadows is perhaps Yosemite Valley’s best-kept secret; it has wild animals, wonderful plant and tree species to discover. The area also offers day-hike and camping opportunities. It is also worth visiting because it offers you to explore some new things. The best month to visit there is around July-September.

7. Bridalveil Fall

Looking for someone special? Head to Yosemite’s Bridalveil Fall. They believe that heading to Bridalveil waterfall would improve one’s chances of getting married. The veil-like look of the fall when the region’s regular winds blow the mist sideways gives it its title. It is one of the most prominent waterfalls in the Yosemite Valley in California and it is open year-round.

8. Vernal Fall

It is perfect for an afternoon hike, and it takes a two- to five-hour hike before you get there. It also has slippery staircases that wind uphill along the river and the falls. It’s more than 600 steps to the top of Vernal Fall. During this part of the hike, you may get drenched by the mist but it will be worth it and you will be able to enjoy watching the falls and capturing the beauty in them.

9. Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias

Visitors look up at one of the largest living things on Earth: A Giant Sequoia. With a few hundred healthy instances of the tree, it is also one of the park’s oldest and biggest groves of giant sequoias.The two primary goals of this project were to improve the giant sequoia habitat and improve and provide a visitor experience. The Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias is a must-see, particularly if you have the stamina to trek to the top grove.

10. Nevada Fall

This famous hike begins near Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley’s eastern section. Within a small glacial valley (Little Yosemite Valley), you’ll find Nevada Fall and it’s the nearest waterfall to the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. You’ll find an excellent view of it and many tourists visit here because of the breathtaking view that Nevada Falls offers and it gives you pure satisfaction and it is worth the experience.


Yosemite National Park is one of the prettiest and largest parks in the biome. It is truly alluring and it is a great place to visit for everyone. It offers a lot of breathtaking views, that’s why millions of people got to visit and explore their activities. Plan your visit now and enjoy the amazing sunset in Yosemite!

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